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Project 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 3

Project 2 - Essay ExampleI will focus on Tesco QR code subway store. The project aim is to give a brief idea about how applied science may help the businesses, which support me to choose this subject in my bachelor.As you know, the short terminal system is to evaluate the topic and feedback visitors comments. I will link the website with my Facebook, Twitter, Google plus account and beam the website link by WhatsApp and Email. I will work hard and use all my experiences in fix to build a good reputation to achieve the main goal in the medium term which will be explained in the next chapter. In the short term there are no goals except to build a good reputation.After ascertaining that the short term plan select been successfully accomplished, the next step which is the medium term plan goal is to present any new technology in my website so that developers may know the consumers needs throw the website to produce a new mandatory product also to know the other new technology in o rder if a developer opinion of mixing two technology together.In my study at Salford university of Business info Technology, I have understood that by mixing the information technology with the business is a very powerful combination. Information technology supports businesses and could mean the success of enterprises if applied effectively.That is why I have chosen to present a new technology in my website and the topic of my dissertation which is about E-learning. New technology such as the apps and shopping online has become my interest which has triggered me to think about designing a new app and market it later finishing my bachelor.There are many areas where my project could support. By understanding the value of social networks and how it smoke affect any business in positive or negative way. Also by feeling and understanding what does website ranking mean and how important is it in the internet world. Which lead me to find the best keywords and chase engine

How I Saved a Life Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

How I Saved a Life - Essay ExampleThe American countryside experience was quite interesting and calm. unlike the city which was flocked with people, Colorado had sparse population. There were a lot of old houses that we encountered as we drove moody the highway and into a paved spur and finally to a washboard that led us to Eds home. The fresh smell of countryside welcomed us home as cows mooed and horses neighed. Our vacation had just begun. scarce had we finished taking tea that we were out as Ed was dying to show me around. Joining us was one of Eds friends who schooled in the countryside and had come to welcome Ed home. The young girl was adorable and we got along quite easily.As we were strolling round the fields, I could not help but appreciate the beautiful view of the old structures together with the green environment. While everything seemed fine, the unexpected happened. I had a quick yell which degraded disappeared into the ground. On turning back, I could not see th e young girl. By that time, Ed was running towards the seeded player of the scream. I quickly followed him and true to our fears, Eds friend was trapped in a hell. The pit was dark and had stems and roots of various plants running deep inside. We could only hear echoes of the girls cries from the brighten of the pit. Confused and scared, we stared at each other not knowing what to do with darkness quickly picture in.Ed was particularly scared because of what I came to realize later was fear of losing the friend having lost a cousin-german in the pit some years back through a similar experience

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Why I Chose Carl Sandburg as my poet Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Why I Chose Carl Sandburg as my poet - Essay Example pot had several reasons to appreciate Sandburg in addition to his wonderful poetry. A very strong reason was Sandburgs overt expression of his thoughts about the contemporary issues. He is angiotensin-converting enzyme of the poets who wrote about modern day industrial era. Unlike most poets, who get universal acclaim in very early age, Sandburg had to wait to get to the international level. In this sense, he was a true struggler. People normally lose hope if success has to come that late, and this is what makes Sandburg different. And the best thing about this is Sandburgs fruition and confession. All my life I have been trying to learn to read, to see and hear, and to write. At sixty-five I began my first novel, and the five years lacking a month I took to finish it, I was yet traveling, still a seeker (Sandburg cited in Niven). This speaks of his down-to-earth nature and

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History of the Olympic Games Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 3

History of the Olympic Games - Research Paper ExampleThe state-run was the only force for the first 13 Olympic Games, but over time new sporting events were introduced (David 14). The hoplitodrome was a runnel while athletes wore full amours. There was an event where athletes competed in five competition called Pentathlon that was javelin, sprint, jumping, wrestling and discus throwing. boxing was later introduced at the 23rd games, and they continued to expand adding more and more games such as chariot racing. In the 37th Olympic Games, the classic extended the games to a five-day competition. At first, the games were only participated by the Greek citizens only but eventually, the whole Mediterranean region joined in which was then the Ro homophile imperium (Ben 8).The Olympic Games were linked to the religious festivals of Zeus closely but were not part of any rite. They were aimed more on showing the physical qualities and performances done by young people and also to enhanc e full relationships between Greece and its surrounding allies. The festival was a peaceful event influencing all the war-like cities, even the Sparta was famous for roughshod and strict military always waited for the Olympic Games to end before attacking the Greek cities. In the antediluvian games, women were not allowed to attend the games, only freeborn boys and men could participate and attend. Athletes would take oaths first to observe the rules and standards of the games. The participants did not receive any monetary awards they paid their expenses. The winners were crowned with olive leaves and paraded like heroes, and they were given a salute after being announced by a Greek judge while spectators cheered. The ceremony took outrank at the temple of Zeus. The greatest athlete in the ancient games was a wrestler called Milo of croton who won the boxing competition six times and was said to be the most powerful man then. Many artists were also inspired by the Olympics.

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Financial Management & Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Financial Management & Analysis - Essay ExampleSince a business transcription is susceptible to changing economic condition, changing consumers choice, availability of alternative products in the market, its operational and marketing aspects of surgical procedure is dynamic in nature. This non static feature of the functional activities makes capital structure planning one of the just about challenging tasks. (Brealey and Myers, 2002)Debt and equity financing vary due to several factors. Since equity entitles one to ownership it demands great gunpoint of accountability and a much higher degree of take chances appetite. On the other evanesce debt does not give any ownership right and demands relatively lower degree of risk. Debt financing gets slightly advantage from the standpoint of valuateation. In real business situation due to varying degree of complexity associated with payment patterns and much importantly the paying capability, different debt instruments are constru cted. A very high degree of dependence on equity financing does not allow the firm to take the advantage of tax benefit on the other hand too much dependence on debt makes the firm indefensible to buyout. The buyout threat can come from many ways. For instance, due to very low payment of dividend the share holders may no longer be interested in the continuation of the situation and instigate hostile takeover by other firms. The other type of threat can come in case the ships company faces default risk. (Brealey, and Myers, 2002)When the firm is unable to maintain a good credit history i.e. a rule book of timely repayment of interest and principle to the lenders - its possibility of managing a good lender becomes more and more difficult. Higher degree of uncertainty associated with the firms repayment virtually forces it to take loan with several bitter clauses homogeneous higher rate of interest, higher sensitivity of term with rate i.e. the firm has to buy duration of the loa n account payable at a higher terms of interest. So dependence on debt also triggers the exposure to risk. This is the source for which a leveraged firm (a highly debt dependent firm) usually have high-risk indicating parameter, commonly known as beta. Beta determines the companys risk exposure with respect to overall market. People will take extra risk if and only if they are proportionately paid i.e. paid something more than that they could have got without taking any additional risk. So more the risk involved, in repayment more will be the cost of debt. So it is very important to determine what fraction of capital will be through equity financing and what fraction will be through debt financing. Optimum capital structure can said to be that combination of debt and equity financing that will maximize their combined positive effect and minimize the disconfirming ones. So the importance of capital structure cannot be overstated for the sustainability of the organization.The fina ncial health of Jessops, the photography retailer of UK is going through a critical stage due to several reasons. Entry of low cost substitute products and overall economic slowdown are the two main apparent reasons behind it. (Jessops Reports and Accounts, 2008)It is commonplace from the financial structure of the company that it is a debt ridden company. The debt to equity ratio is found out to be about -3.67. Debt-equity ratio is measured by the following formula total liabilities/ total assets. Here total liabilities is

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Is fairtrade beneficial to producers and farmers in developing Essay

Is sensibletrade beneficial to producers and farmers in developing countries - test ExampleHowever, fair Trade USA which was formerly under Fairtrade international differentiate left the label and begun implementing a different labeled scheme and included all crops and estates as well as item-by-item smallholder farmersThis paper focuses on the analysis of Fairtrade and holds the view that Fairtrade is not beneficial to farmers and producers in the developing countries. As forget be evident in this paper, while Fairtrade report a substantial increment in course of study to year trade, these increments in profits do not cascade down to farmers and producers because of several factors related to inefficiency in marketing and distribution of products in the developing countries. As stated by Griffiths (2012 p.369), the sales of Fairtrade international restricted products totaled to approximately 98 billion United states dollars which represent 22 percent increment compared to the precedent year. However, Fairtrade does not give a breakdown of how much of these sales reach the producers in developing countries. barely Fairtrade does not reveal how much of these figures are from the extra prices charged for Fairtrade goods.In businesslike marketing system is superstar of the major factors that have resulted into lack of benefits to farers and producers. Fairtrade emphasizes on selling through monopolist cooperatives which are most of the propagation corrupt and inefficient (Griffiths, 2012 p. 370). It is also important to note that some private traders are more efficient than the cooperatives. In this regard it is also very difficult for the members of a cooperative to switch even if the cooperative is being mismanaged or when a cooperative is being bankrupt especially when they want to attain fair trade status. Fairtrade is also inefficient since it goes against the free market ideal of certain economies. Griffiths (2012 p. 268), refers to Fairtrade as a ill-conceived attempt to make up for the market failures. This is because deviation from free market result into

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Developing a Performance Measurement System for a Firm That Purchased Coursework

Developing a Performance Measurement System for a Firm That Purchased a Supplier of Its Intermediate Goods - Coursework ExampleThe basis for rapture prices is that the subunit managers suffice decisions they ar required to focus on how their decision will influence the mental process of the subunit without assessing their effect on the overall company performance. Thus, transfer prices make it easy for the subunit manager to process information and make decisions. In a transfer system that is well designed, the manager puts more focus on optimizing the performance of the subunit, and in so doing, the performance of the company is optimized (Datar, Horngren & Rajan, 2012).Usually, there are three forms of transfer prices market-based transfer prices, cost-based transfer, and negotiated transfer prices. Each form complies with organization and performance assessment in a distinguishable level. The transfer prices to be employ rely on the environmental conditions and specific obje ctives of the company. In this case, the form of transfer to be used is the market-based transfer prices. In order to develop a performance measurement system for the firm, the following conditions must(prenominal) be met. First, a market or its substitute must exist for the intermediate product. However, this condition is by and large not fully met. In most cases, there are a number of comparable products with different prices present. Second, the transaction of the firms divisions may not have a significant effect on the market price.

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Company profile and initial analysis of a given case study Research Paper

Company profile and initial analysis of a habituated case study - Research Paper ExampleThe basic motto of the organization is to expose the struggles and contend damages or impacts, occurring down the ages. The company primarily tries to integrate the consequences created by modern wars and wartime experience at heart the displays of its museums. However, the company focuses primarily on the cars of Britain. The five museums of the company are IWM London, Greater Manchester, IWM North in Trafford, the Churchill state of war Rooms in Whitehall, IWM Duxford near Cambridge and the ship of Belfast that is fastened in the Pool of London in the Thames River. The companys mission claims that Our vision is to be a leader in developing and communicating a deeper understanding of the causes, course and consequences of war (IWM, 2013a) It is found that though, presently, there are no living survivors of start adult male War in U.K., yet the war has managed to leave a strong impression on the culture and heritage of the country. It is found that in most of the U.K. communities, building monuments or memorials are practiced wide in order to pay respect and remember the great lives which have been sacrificed during the World Wars. An artistic beguile on wars surfaced right after personalities like, Rupert Brooke and Wilfred Owen, had started to write poems on wars. At this juncture, IWM had analyzed that the centenary of the First World War can turn out to be a promising opportunity for its business harvest-tide and help the business by augmenting reputation, profile and brand value in the market as well as its market position. The company has undertaken the decision of opening in the altogether First World War galleries in its IWM London museum. However, this project, which is expected to be accomplished by 2014, requires a lot of funding. Approximately ?35 billion has already been accumulated by the company from donations and Heritage Lottery Grant. In addition , about ?5 one thousand thousand has been granted by the Prime Minister, David Cameron, in 2012 to the company for financing this project (IWM, 2013b). However, the company requires more gold for backing the project. It has introduced the First World War Centenary Partnership Programme in order to cause pre-digital asset collections and historical information. Through this partnership programme, the company desires to attract millions of users and donators across the world towards its project. It is believed by them that such(prenominal) a project would surely augment its brand value in the market compared to its competitors. Competitor epitome The organization of Stoke-on-Trent Museums serves a strong competition to other museum owners in the market. The Potteries Museum & Art Gallery is an organization that owns the ahead(p) museum in Britain. The combination of place and products are expressed in the museum of the company through its exquisite displays. The quests of the muse um, contrasted the museums of IWM, are not charged. The museum has achieved several awards and accolades from millions of pottery and art lovers in the country. Individuals in U.K. and across the world bawl out this museum to explore the brilliantly displayed history of potteries in this museum. The exhibitions of the museum change almost regularly and thus, the visitors have a new experience, every time that they visit. There is cafe in the museum premises where visitors can buy refreshments and the managers

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Crime Scene Documentation Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Crime Scene Documentation - Assignment ExampleIn these good examples, the accused is always acquitted as charges levelled against him/her cannot stand due to the malicious acts of the military officers of destroying render that the court was to deposit on.In the case State v. Blair 2013 Ohio 1270, the second district appellate court dismissed an indictment as a result of a law enforcement officer destroying a materially exculpatory video, which the defence was passel to rely on in the case. The felony that was committed in this peculiar(a) case was an assault, which was made on a law enforcement officer (Acker & Brody, 2013). There is a legal standard that is in place that bars the articulate from convicting the defendant in the following circumstances if the state and in this case the prosecution together with case investigators fail to preserve materially exculpatory yard or if the state acts in bad trustingness to destroy evidence that is potentially useful (Acker & Brody, 2013).In any scenario if the evidence involved is classified as materially exculpatory it is not the defendants duty proving that the state acted in bad faith to the court destroying the evidence however, the defendant only needs to prove to the court, it was the sole duty of the state to preserve that particular evidence despite destruction occurring either due to negligence or in bad faith (Gorelick & Solum, 2009). In so doing, the defendant has a duty to convince the court on the importance of the evidence to that particular case (Acker & Brody, 2013). This case involved a situation whereby a police officer tried to forbear a young man. The man in this case Blair tried to resist arrest as the officer had not fully explained to him the felony he had committed. The police officer decided to manhandle Blair by kicking him and strangling him in order to arrest him successfully.Thus, in the process, there was a by-passer who was watching the whole incident and enter it on his cell phone but noticing, the police

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Caffeine Abuse Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

caffein Abuse - Essay ExampleCaffeine maltreatment is becoming increasingly common among college students and could have damaging impacts on their health. For many an(prenominal) of us it is cloggy to function without caffeine. Whether it be writing your research paper late last night or waking up early this morning in order to make it to class on time, caffeine cig art often be a college students best friend.Actually, caffeine is a stimulant found in seeds, fruits and leaves of more(prenominal) than sixty plants. It is found in most parts of the world. Go in Arabia and you will find caffeine in the coffee bean. Visit China and caffeine will be there in tea leaf leaf. In West Africa and Mexico, caffeine exists in the kola nut and the cocoa bean, respectively.Although the aforementioned figures are sort of old but things today are not quite different. But, the point is that lots of foods and beverages are the seeded player of caffeine and thats the reason why it is hard for people to stay away from using it. In fact, it is the weak availability of caffeine that most people never become able to quit using this substance.Here, it feces easily be noticed that tea and coffee remain to be the premier source of caffeine, which are used all over the world because of the wake-up effect. Since the available caffeine gets absorbed by your body without much ado and creates a direct impact on cardiovascular and nervous systems, the usual result is change magnitude attentiveness and decreased fatigue. This is the foremost reason why college students dont become able to stay away from growing a bad habit of drinking tea or coffee. But, the range of symptoms caffeine intoxication or caffeine abuse can show up with an ingestion of 100mg of caffeine but 250mg or high Over the course of my college career I myself have become quite dependent on caffeine in order to keep up with the high demands of school, work and a social life. Like many of you I have become so ac customed to caffeine that I often disregard its likely for abuse. According to the US News & World Report, caffeine is the worlds most popular habit forming drug and its abuse among young people is a growing concern for many doctors. In the past three historic period alone, the number of 18 to 24 year olds who

Medical Care Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Medical Care - Essay ExampleIt could be governing body organization, wellness distribute industry or an institution, hospital or checkup examination laboratory, staff of physicians and nurses, therapists, psychologists, pharmacists, chiropractors and optometrists. Patients do gravel medical care depending upon the urgency and priorities (WHO, 2000).b. Chronic care management- include education programme of the longanimouss especially in the cases of diabetes, high blood pressure, lupus, multiple sclerosis and sleep apnea. The medical care unit focus on the disease management, motivation of the patient for the persistence of the therapy and also encouraging the patients psychologically to achieve speedy recovery. dissimilar studies have been carried out to manifest is there any difference in the survival rate of a particular race (White over Black), but most of the studies state that in cases of critical illness or acute diseases like cancer, AIDS separate units and funds are fo rmulated to provide better medical care to the hospitalized subject and there is absolutely no differentiation exist between the survival ratio of blacks and whites (Optenberg, 1995). Although health care policy formulators, management and consumers seeking medical benefits are always concerned slightly the access to medical care but various programs are being implemented like Medicaid, Medicare, bailiwick Health insurance, health education and nutrition programs, various paramedical training programs and HMOs aim to provide play off access to medical care for large group of population. Constant evaluation is desired for measuring the approachability of the consumer (patient) (Aday, 1974).Argument againstDisparity in health services are observed in American health system due to racial prejudice and distinction in patient admittance to care, insurance condition, sociodemographic and clinical attributes and also handling inclinations. Those who were uninsured, or whose concern is sponsorship mostly from hospital limitations, such alterations could potentially affect every access to hospital care or the excellence of care after the patients admittance to hospitals (Vollpp, 2006).OpinionAspects of medical care be such that equal priority and benefit must be availed to the patients carrying similar illness, unless utilization of various medical care services should be for the better health and recovery of the patient and to the satisfaction of the patient. No discrimination should be promoted as humanity is above all and medical care must set the paradigm for this by counting humanity over economy.References1. Aday, L., A., Andersen, R., 1974, A framework for the dissect of Access to Medical Care. Health Ser.Res. Fall 9(3) 208-220.2. Optenberg, S., A., Thompson, I., M., Friedrichs, P., Wojcik, B., Stein, C., R., Kramer, B., Race, treatment, and long-term survival from prostate cancer in an equal-access medical care delivery system, 1995, JAMA vol 274, 20.3. Vollpp, K., G., M., Epstein, A., J., Williams, S., V., 2006. The Effect of Market Reform

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Artifical Intelligence Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Artifical Intelligence - Term musical theme Examplean important mission of cardboard information paradigm is to create human like intelligence in machine to reinstate and assist humans in everyday tasks. The basic purpose of this makeup is to present a detailed analysis of autonomous cars with a particular focus on AI techniques apply in the development of these cars. AI is a complete science which encompasses a wide mix of concepts and ideas. This paper will discuss these concepts briefly. This paper will discuss different AI techniques that atomic number 18 creation used in these cars. Some of the well-known techniques are outlined belowBasically, robotics is a field of artificial intelligence which deals with the study of robots. In this scenario, robots refer to machines that are used to carry out tasks which can be performed by humans. In fact, some robots are made so intelligent that they can perform their deform without instructions. While the majority of robots alway s has an instructor guiding them what to do (Dunbar, 2013). Additionally, the robot is a Czech word, which is used for robota, meaning forced labor. In addition, this term was first used by Czech writer Karel Capek in a play in 1920. In this play, the robots ultimately take over their creators (Rouse, 2007). Physically, a robot contains the said(prenominal) components as humans have. In this scenario, a robot has some kind of motor, a portable somatic structure, a power supply, a sensor system and a processing system brain that is trusty for controlling all of these components. Fundamentally, robots are human created forms of animal life but actually they are machines which are intended to replicate human and animal behavior (Harris M. C., 2010 Berlin, 2011 Harris T. , 2013).According to (Stergiou & Siganos, 2010), an artificial neural network is a data processing model that is inspired by the method of biological nervous systems information processing. neuronic Network is also a renowned and heavily researched area of the AI. Stergiou & Siganos

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Stakeholder Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Stakeholder Management - Essay ExampleStakeholder management is a hypothesis of organizational administration as well as business ethics, which makes efforts to address the values and principles in organizational management. freeman in this article acknowledges and formulates the various stakeholder groups. He also recommends the techniques by which the managers can depict in due consideration of the interests of those in the group (Freeman, 2008 p.123).Blattberg (2004 p. 175), a political ideologist criticises the work of Freeman in regard to stakeholder theory for making assumptions that the welf be of the different stakeholders might be at better balanced or cooperated over each other. He argues that this is an output of its prominence on deliberation as the main mode of discussion for addressing the conflicts that arise due to the varying interests of the stakeholders. Blattberg (2004 p.174) asserts that dialogue is the best method which makes him underscore what he terms as a patriotic notion of the company as an option to that cogitate with the theory of stakeholders. Moreover, Miles (2012 p. 287) seems to be indifferent to Freemans ideas. According to Miles (2012, p. 288), the competitors can at times be considered as stakeholders due to their ability to influence the decisions of the organization.According to Mitchell et al. (1997 p. 861) the derivation or understanding of the meaning of stakeholder is found on the level of influence the decision making of an organization. The power of a stakeholder is often guided by legitimacy, which are the generally accepted and anticipated systems of conduct. Lastly, it is determined by the urgency where sensitivity of time or the seriousness of the claims by the stakeholders is concerned. Therefore, the authors suggest that by assessing the merging of these features in a twofold method, there are about eight types of stakeholders that can be

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Substitution Industrialization Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Substitution Industrialization - Essay Example correct though ISI led to the industrialization of brazil-nut tree where agriculture products dominated the economy, it has some bad effects similarly like increasing rates of inflation and debts. ISI did not resolve the balance of payments problems. On the opposite heap ISI marked the golden period of Brazilian economy from the years early 1950s and early 1960s. Promotion of other sectors also aftermathed from ISI such as steel, petrochemicals, fuels, automobiles, transport infrastructure and electricity.Portuguese were the first mess to come to Brazil and discover its potential resources. The first attraction for them was the Brazil wood. This wood was exported by them to the European countries. However, the real breakthrough was the sugar cane production. Sugar was in high demand in Europe and an opportunity for the people to make huge profits out of its export. African slaves were used for the production of sugar. But unfortuna tely subsequently a period of time sugar supply became far more than the demand due to excessive production in the Caribbean and hence prices declined significantly.In the nineteenth century, another important development in the Brazilian economy was the escalation of coffee exports. By the year 1929 coffee contributed to around 73% of the total exports. Tremendous step-up of coffee exports led to the development of transport infrastructure like railways and ports. As the blend inments for the abolition of slavery gained momentum, the lone(prenominal) other alternative for the employers was the free wage labour in form of immigrants from the extremely poor rustic lands of European countries like Italy, Portugal and Spain. Millions of people immigrated to Brazil from Europe. Only few of them worked on plantations due to miserable conditions and others opted to move to the cities and set up their own workshops. On the other hand there was an overproduction of coffee in the country without many takers. Decline of coffee exports and the labour immigration from Europe formed the basis for the logical argument of industrialization. As a consequence of the Great Depression and the Second World War there was an capacious fall off in the exports of coffee. Availability of the goods imported to Brazil also declined. As a result most of the products were needed to be produced in the country itself that led to forced import substitution industrialization. monetary crisis in the country led to the rise of populism on the political front. The newly elected prexy Getulio Vargas was plump for by military. Landowners lost their monopoly and a centralized system was setup. The president being conscious about the record and future prospects of the coffee export trade concentrated the resources on the industrial development of the country. New policies and changes in support of the industries were formulated. Initial steps like providing the basic inputs, cultivation of energy sources and so on were interpreted by the administration. The period after the Second World War saw Brazil heading towards a growing and sound industrial foundation, the main sectors being food, textile, leather and wood. After the end of Vargass reign, the new president Dutra opted for the free trade policy and the market opened to the US imports. Major part of the foreign commutation was lost in the import of luxury consumer

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DISNEYLAND IN QATAR Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

DISNEYLAND IN QATAR - Case Study ExampleMarket sectionalization and rear market have been analyzed as part of market analysis. These lead form the basis for the suppuration of positioning strategies that atomic number 18 necessary for the appropriate marketing mix to be achieved. The 4ps, which represents Product, Place, Price and Promotion, have been discussed as part of the marketing mix that will be significant for the proposition park to establish a unique position in the Qatari market. The strategic fit between the companys capabilities, resources and the hazard has been discussed. These are indicators of competitiveness that justify the need for expansion in to the Qatari market. The implementation plan highlights the chronology of events that will lead to the establishment of a fully functional theme park in Qatar. It has been included in the marketing plan as a significant lead to the implementation of proposed activities to accomplish particular objectives everyplace a particular period of cadence. Each activity corresponds to an objective and output. The implementation plan indicates that establishment and mental process of the theme park will take a period of 14 months. The control strategies that will be employed have been highlighted. These are the actions that the way will be involved in to tally that the objectives are accomplished according to the implementation plan. Introduction... Disneyland will establish a 500 hectare park with 10 divisions crack different frolic activities including horse rides, music, live plays, video and wildlife viewing as well as temper trails. This marketing plan aims at maintaining annual revenue of $3 billion. This will be equivalent to 30% of all revenue generated by all five existing Disneys theme parks in 2011 (White, 2004). Objectives 1. Maintaining 24 hour services during peak season to maintain high sales 2. Increasing the time customers spend in the park through offering half day free for ever y deuce days spent at Disneyland during off-peak 3. Promoting institutional visitation by offering special cost reducing during off-peak 4. Encouraging visitation by locals through discounts 5. Establish customer relation management (CRM) to enable the management to keep in touch with clients 6. To increase income by taking advantage of increased number of customers and tourists as a result of Qatar being the host for FIFA Word Cup in 2022 Mission The overall committee of the organization is to maintain leadership among the global providers of entertainment, and more specifically to establish an ultra modern theme park that will outshine any other theme park in the Qatari entertainment industry. The new theme park in Qatar will offer customer focused services to ensure that people get the best value for their money. Market Analysis Market Segmentation Market segmentation has been an important tool for the success of Disneyland theme parks. It involves division of the market in to v arious segments that consist of groups of consumers with everyday characteristics. This practice allows the management to know the

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Proposals for Ring-Fencing and Loss Absorbency Essay - 44

Proposals for Ring-Fencing and Loss Absorbency - Essay ExampleThe Commission was given up to the curiosity of September 2015, to report their findings to the Cabinet Committee on Banking Reform. The white paper discussed many elements such as ring-fencing, high net worth individuals, prohibited services, SMEs for the purposes of ring-fencing, financial product restrictions, geographical restrictions, exposure to financial institutions, intra-group relationships, supplemental activities, legal and operational links, governance, economic links, scope, PLAC, PLAC composition, leverage ratio, loss absorbency, ring-fence buffer, bail-in, the bail-in process and depositor preference (ICB 2011, p. 19). Keeping in declination with two of the stated topics above, this paper will describe the proposals for (i) ring-fencing and (ii) loss absorbency put forward by the 2011 delineate of the Independent Commission on Banking (Vickers Report). The paper will discuss whether these measures likel y to succeed in ensuring financial stability and how are these proposals cosmos enacted into UK law.Ring-fencing or ringfencing is a situation in which a figure of a firms assets or profits are financially split without essentially being considered as a separate entity (Freixas & Mayer 2011, p. 397). This might be forRing-fencing in asset protection is used by separating crabbed liabilities and assets into different organizations of a corporate group. At times, it is utilized to mitigate liquidation risk or to enhance corporate credit rating (Haldane & Alessandri 2009, p. 12). In the UK, ring fence profits stem from gains and income from anele rights oil or extraction activities in the UK plus its continental shelf and experience a higher(prenominal) rate from corporation tax (ICB 2011, p. 35). In the case of bonds or loans, ringfencing ensures that an investor has a link to a particular asset they possess.

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Settling the Northern Colonies Vocabulary Essay Example for Free

Settling the Northern Colonies Vocabulary Essay1. privy Calvin1. Protestant loss attraction2. Created dominant religion of American settlers3. Wrote theories in Institutes of the Christian Religion2. Anne Hutchin countersign1. Lived in mamma bespeak dependence2. Promoted antinomianism3. Banished and forced to walk and settle on Rhode Island3. Roger Williams1. Wanted to break from the Church of England2. Though Massachusetts Bay colonization was unfair to the Indians banished3. Built Baptist Church in Rhode Island complete freedom of religion and shelter for Jews, Catholics, and Quakers4. henry Hudson1. face explorer2. Filed a Dutch claim to what he thought was a shortcut d cardinal the continent3. Employed by the Dutch East India caller-out5. William Bradford1. Lived in Plymtabooh2. Elected G everyplacenor3. Feared the non-puritan settlers6. rooster Stuyvesant1. Led a small Dutch military expedition2. Called the Swedish Settlement that he took fresh capital of The Nether lands3. Forced to surrender with prohibited firing a single shot by an English squadron7. doubting Thomas Hooker1. Prominent Puritan colonial leader2. Founded the Colony of Connecticut3. Outstanding speaker and a leader of universal Christian suffrage8. William PennFounded the Colony of Pennsylvania fagot Charles II handed over a piece of his American land to satisfy a debtImproved relations between whites and Indians9. commode WinthropFirst governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony and served for 19 yearsSuccessful attorney and manor house lord in EnglandEagerly accepted dischargeer to be fix a governor because he believed he had a calling from God to lead the new religious experiment10. King Philip (Metacom)Massasoits sonForged an intertribal unityMounted a series of coordinated assaults on English villages11. John CottonMassachusetts Bay minister who was prominent among the early clergyPuritan who immigrated to Massachusetts to avoid persecution for his reproach of the Church of EnglandDevoted his education to defending the governments duty to enforce religious rules in the Bay Colony12. Sir Edmond AndrosEnglish military manGenerated much hostility because of his open affiliation with the Church of EnglandTaxed the mint without apply and strove to enforce the Navigation Laws13. William and MaryEnglish rulersKicked James II out of England (exiled into France), and allowed more power to legislatures terminate the principle of brisk England, giving power back to the colonists14. MassasoitWampanoag chieftainSigned a treaty with the Plymouth PilgrimsHelped the Pilgrims stay fresh their first Thanksgiving15. Fernando GorgesAttempted to colonize PlymouthPlymouth was absorbed by Massachusetts Bay after a purchase by the Gorges heirsWas called the Father of English Colonization in North America16. Myles StandishSoldier of spateIndispensible as an Indian fighter and negotiatorOne of the nonbelongers17. Martin LutherGerman Friar who ignited a blast of religio us reform, the Protestant ReformationNailed his protests against Catholic philosophical systems to the door of Wittenbergs cathedral in 1597Denouncing the authority of priests and popes, he declared that the Bible al wholeness was the source of Gods word18. SquantoTaught English by a ships captainBefriended the settlersFacilitated Cultural Accommodation19. FranchiseAn authorization granted by a government or company to an individual or group enabling them to carry out stipulate commercial activitiesThe right to voteThe territory over which such a license extends20. PredestinationThe doctrine that God has foreordained all things, especially that God has elected certain souls to eternal salvationThe shaper decree foreordaining all souls to either salvation or damnationThe act of God foreordaining all things byg cardinal before and to come21. FreemenA somebody who is entitled to full political and civil rightsA person who is non a slave or serfA person who enjoys political and civi l liberties22. evident saintsPeople who appeared to be godlyChristian people who would go to heaven when they diedStrict Puritans in colonial days only allowed visible saints to worship with them. They were revered because they were open about their beliefs23. ConversionSpiritual change from sinfulness to righteousnesschange from one religion, political belief, viewpoint, etc., to anotherThe act or routine of converting earth of being converted24. Doctrine of a CallingA doctrine believed by John Winthrop instructing him to do Gods workSent from GodMany Puritans believed it also told them to do Gods work25. CovenantAn agreementA formal compose agreement between two or more people, businesses, countries, etc a usually formal, solemn, and cover songAgreement26. AntinomianismThe theological doctrine that by confidence and Gods grace a Christian is freedfrom all laws one who holds that below the gospel dispensation of graceThe moral law is of no use or obligation because faith alo ne is necessary to salvation one who rejectsA socially established morality27. Sumptuary LawsLaws think to restrain or limit the expenditure of citizens in apparel, food, furniture, etc.Laws which regulate the prices of commodities and the wages of laborLaws which negative or restrict the use of certain articles, as of luxurious apparel28. Salutary NeglectAn informal and long-lasting British policy of avoiding strict enforcement of parliamentaryLaws meant to keep the American colonies obedient to EnglandA blockage of time in which Britain left the Colonies alone29. Passive resistanceNonviolent opposition to authority, esp. a refusal to foster with legal requirements. resistance especially to a government or an occupying power characterized mainly by noncooperationA way of opposing the government without using violence especially by refusing to obey laws30. city upon a hillreligious utopia that would be acclaimed and imitated across the Old orbit initially invoked by English-bo rn Puritan leader John Winthrop A City upon a Hill is a phrase from the parable of Salt and lax in Jesuss Sermon on the Mount31. Protestant EthicThe view that a persons duty is to strive success through hard work and thrift, such success being a sign that one is saved. an ethic that stresses the virtue of hard work, thrift, and self-discipline important factor in the economic success of Protestant groups in the early stages of European capitalism32. Dutchificationto make Dutch in quality or traitsthe process of turning things DutchTo render more Dutch33. Protestant ReformationInspires many new religions as it made its way through Europe. Inspires Calvinism in Geneva, migrates to England and inspires Puritans. Started by Martin Luther after he posts his complaints about Catholics on a church door 34. Great Migration70,000 refugees flee England in the 1630s.Groups of Puritans and many others leave for religious freedom. Charles I and Archbishop inebriate calls Protestants swine roo ted from Gods vineyard 35. Glorious RevolutionDethrones unpopular Catholic James II, enthrones Protestant ruler of Netherlands William third and Mary II Dominion of refreshed England collapses in the colonies Andros tries to escape valve in womans clothing but is caught and direct to England. Puritans lose control of Massachusetts, English James II supporters hold American governing positions are outrage and stopped the rise of local American leaders. 36. Pequot WarBetween Pequot Tribe and colonists in the Connecticut River Valley. Colonists whacking the tribe and establish four decades of uneasy peace between Native Americans and colonists. English critics call out the Puritans.37. Dutch golden ageDutch West and East Companies thrive.Takes an aristocratic tinted government and controls majority of in the buff York and Caribbean. Leads to invasion from English and Swedish.38. PilgrimsMake a religious journey like Old Testament with Moses.Protestants from England and capital o f The Netherlands that separated from the Church of England that were called Separatists, wanted Calvinism Create Mayflower Compact as their self-government since they did not go to charted land sowere not controlled by the King, only members of church can vote (religious intolerance) 39. reinvigorated England unionDefense against Native Americans, Dutch, and French.First time colonies and colonists work together.Had to fight without British support in the English Civil War. 40. CalvinismStarts in Geneva and makes it way to England during Protestant Reformation. Protestants like Calvinists ideas and want the Reformation to move at a faster pace so that Calvinist ideas can be put in place. render signs of conversion- receipt of Gods free gift of saving grace 41. Massachusetts Bay ColonySettlers are educated and mainly Puritan, come from the Great Migration. Protestant work ethic- delayed gratification, if they work hard now they forget be rewarded later Elected government but on ly male church members can vote.42. Dominion of New EnglandImposed from London in New England, New York, East and West Jersey, Sir Edmund Andros is in charge. Promoted aptitude in the administration of the English, places heavy restrictions on courts, press, and schools. Revokes all land titles and collects taxes without consent. Glorious Revolution ends the Dominion Andros tries to escape in womens clothes. 43. The ElectSelect that are predestine to go to heaven didnt know if they were or werent sought signs of conversion Anne Hutchinson claims that they dont have to follow laws or work. Calvinism religion44. PuritansFormed during Protestant Reformation in England.Adopt Calvinist views, share extreme views and interpretation of Bible.Extreme Puritans become Separatists and come to New public and start new colonies.45. General CourtPuritan controlled court in MassachusettsEarly form of Puritan democracyElected by Freemen46. Dutch West India Company located in West IndiesCaptures S panish ship with $15 million worth of loot aboard.Establishes New Netherlands off the Hudson for fur trading and buys Manhattan.47. SeperatistsExtreme Puritans who threaten to leave Church of England.Get kicked out of England and sent to Amsterdam then migrate to New World, Set up Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay Colony.48. Bible Commonwealth take in for Bay Colony, Quakers cause religious indifferences they are punished and hung Anne Hutchinson preaches antinomianism and is banished.Roger Williams speaks out against Puritanism is banned but escapes and starts Baptism in Rhode Island49. Quakers (Religious friendship of Friends)Escape from Massachusetts Bay Colony where they are being punished.Start colonizing in Pennsylvania under William Penns ruleWelcome any type of people hand out flyers in England looking for people to come to Pennsylvania.50. MayflowerBoat that brought over first Pilgrims, poor quality boat.Mayflower Compact is written on it.Sixty five day trip with 102 passenge rs.51. French HuguenotsDissent from French Protestant adopts Calvinism, not allowed in New World.Had little toleration in Europe, fled to colonies after Protestantism was outlawed in 1685.Over 10,000 killed in Europe52. Scottish PresbyteriansDissent of Scottish ProtestantsNo religious toleranceWerent allowed to come to New World53. Church of EnglandRuled by King until Pope is placed in charge but King controls the PopeThose against the Church of England were hung, they fled to New WorldCatholic Church.54. Congregational ChurchNo ties with England purely ran by Puritan colonistsSelf- governing Puritan church with no connection to Anglican ChurchStarted in New England along with democratic government55. Institutes of the Christian ReligionWritten by John Calvin in Latin in 1536Introductory to the Protestant religionAttacks certain Catholic beliefs56. Navigation LawsLimits colonies from trading with other countries beside EnglandIncreases smuggle and upsets many colonistsSalutary Negle ct- weakly enforces the Navigation Laws57. Mayflower CompactDrafted by Puritans coming to the New World that wanted self- government 40 something white males sign it (members of the church)First real drafted form of government in the colonies58. Fundamental OrdersEstablished in New EnglandSets up a regime democratically controlled by the citizensmake to make New England the best and biggest colony59. Plymouth BaySet up by Separatists from Amsterdam, originally kicked out of England Democratic government but only male members of the church can voteLess undefeated than Massachusetts Bay Colony60. New NetherlandSet up by Dutch West India Company in the West Indies after they get $15 million from Spanish ship they capturedSet up for fur trading on the Hudson RiverLed to the purchase of Manhattan61. New AmsterdamRun by Dutch company interested in stocksSettles first Jews in its aristocratic tinted civilizationGets in disputes and wars with English, Swedish, and Native Americans62. New S wedenSwedish invade Dutch land and take itDutch rebel and regain landNew Sweden fades away along with Swedish rule in colonies63. Penns WoodlandLiteral meaning for Pennsylvania conjure up given by the King who wrote the charter for William Penn For Quakers or any other people wanting to go the colonies but not interested or accepted in what the other colonies were offeringBest advertize colony in Europe64. ReconciliationRestoration of friendly relationsThe action of making one view or belief compatible with another. Returning to faith or harmony after booking

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A Clean, Well-Lighted Place by Ernest Hemingway Essay Example for Free

A Clean, Well-Lighted Place by Ernest Hemingway EssayAn superannuated gay sits unsocial at night in a caf. He is deaf and bids when the night grows still. Two hosts look at the doddery hu globeness mensurally because they know he wont pay if he gets likewise drunk. One make outr tells the otherwise that the honest-to- unplayfulness patch tried to kill himself because he was in despondency. The other server asks why he felt hopelessness, and the first waiter says the contend was nonhing because the piece has a lot of money. The waiters look at the empty tables and the elderly bit, who sits in the shadow of a tree. They see a couple walk by, a soldier with a girl. One of the waiters says the soldier had better be cargonful ab appear being out because the guards just went by. The old man taps his glass over against its saucer and asks the untested waiter for a brandy. The junior waiter tells him hell get drunk, then goes back and tells the erstwhile(a) waiter that the old man will stay all night. The junior waiter says he never goes to seam earlier than 3 a.m. and that the old man should have killed himself. He takes the old man his brandy. As he pours it, he tells the old man that he should have killed himself, save the old man just indicates that he needinesss more brandy in the glass.The jr. waiter tells the older waiter that the old man is drunk, then asks again why he tried to kill himself. The older waiter says he doesnt know. The younger waiter asks how he did it. The older waiter says he tried to hang himself and his niece found him and got him down. The younger waiter asks why she got him down, and the older waiter says they were concerned about his soul. The waiters specu lately on how much money the old man has and decide hes probably age eighty.The younger waiter says he wishes the old man would leave so that he can go dwelling house and go to bed with his wife. The older waiter says that the old man was married at one time. The younger waiter says a wife wouldnt do him some(prenominal) good, but the older waiter disagrees. The younger waiter points out that the old man has his niece, then says he doesnt want to be an old man. The older waiter points out that the old man is fairly and drinks neatly. The younger waiter says again that he wishes the old man would leave.The old man indicates that he wants another brandy, but the younger waiter tells him theyre closing. The old man pays and walks away. The older waiter asks the younger waiter why he didnt let him drink more because its not even 3 a.m. yet, and the younger waiter says he wants to go mansion. The older waiter says an hour doesnt make much difference. The younger waiter says that the old man can just drink at home, but the older waiter says its different. The younger waiter agrees.The older waiter jokingly asks if the younger waiter is afraid to go home early. The younger waiter says he has confidence. The older waiter points o ut that he in addition has youth and a job, whereas the older waiter has further a job. The older waiter says that he likes to stay at cafs rattling late with the others who are reluctant to go home and who need light during the nighttime. The younger waiter says he wants to go home, and the older waiter remarks that they are very different. The older waiter says he doesnt like to close the caf in case someone inevitably it. The younger waiter says there are bars to go to, but the older waiter says that the caf is clean and well lit. They wish each other good night.The older waiter continues thinking to himself about how beta it is for a caf to be clean and well lit. He thinks that music is never good to have at a caf and that standing at a bar isnt good either. He wonders what hes afraid of, deciding its not fear but just a familiar nothing. He says two prayers but substitutes cypher (Spanish for nothing) for most of the words. When he arrives at a bar, he orders a drink and tells the bartender that the bar isnt clean. The bartender withdrawers another drink, but the waiter leaves. He doesnt like bars, preferring cafs. He knows that he will now go home and fall asleep when the insolate comes up. He thinks he just has insomnia, a common problem.Character Analysis The Old Man A deaf man who likes to drink at the caf late into the night. The old man likes the shadows of the leaves on the well-lit caf terrace. Rumor has it that he tried to hang himself, he was once married, he has a lot of money, and his niece takes care of him. He frequently gets drunk at the caf and leaves without paying.The Older Waiter A compassionate man who understands why the old man may want to stay late at the caf. The older waiter enjoys staying late at cafs as well. He thinks its very important for a caf to be clean and well lit, and he sees the caf as a refuge from despair. Rather than admit that he is lonely, he tells himself that he has insomnia.Like the old man, the olde r waiter likes to stay late at cafs, and he understands on a deep take why they are both reluctant to go home at night. He tries to explain it to the younger waiter by saying, He stays up because he likes it, but the younger waiter dismisses this and says that the old man is lonely. Indeed, both the old man and the older waiter are lonely. The old man lives alone with besides a niece to look after him, and we never learn what happened to his wife. He drinks alone late into the night, acquire drunk in cafs. The older waiter, as well as, is lonely. He lives alone and makes a role of staying out late sooner than going home to bed.But there is more to the older waiters insomnia, as he calls it, than just loneliness. An unnamed, unspecified malaise seems to grip him. This malaise is not a fear or dread, as the older waiter clarifies to himself, but an overwhelming feeling of nihilityan existential angst about his place in the universe and an uncertainty about the meaning of spright liness. Whereas other people find meaning and comfort in religion, the older waiter dismisses religion as nadanothing. The older waiter finds solace only in clean, well-lit cafs. There, bread and butter seems to make sense.The older waiter recognizes himself in the old man and sees his own future. He stands up for the old man against the younger waiters criticisms, pointing out that the old man might public assistance from a wife and is clean and neat when he drinks. The older waiter has no real reason to take the old mans side. In fact, the old man sometimes leaves the caf without paying. But the achievable reason for his support becomes clear when the younger waiter tells the older waiter that he talks like an old man too. The older waiter is aware that he is not young or confident, and he knows that he may one day be just like the old manunwanted, alone, and in despair. Ultimately, the older waiter is reluctant to close the caf as much for the old mans stake as for his own be cause someday hell need someone to keep a caf open late for him.The Younger Waiter An impatient young man who cares only about getting home to his wife. The younger waiter is usually irritated with the old man because he must stay late and serve him drinks. He does not seem to care why the old man stays so long. His only concern is leaving as quickly as possible.Brash and insensitive, the younger waiter cant see beyond himself. He readily admits that he isnt lonely and is eager to return home where his wife is waiting for him. He doesnt seem to care that others cant say the equivalent and doesnt recognize that the caf is a refuge for those who are lonely. The younger waiter is immature and says rude things to the old man because he wants to close the caf early. He seems unaware that he wont be young forever or that he may need a place to find solace after in bearing too.Unlike the older waiter, who thinks deeplyperhaps too deeplyabout life and those who struggle to face it, the younger waiter demonstrates a dismissive attitude toward human life in general. For example, he says the old man should have just gone ahead and killed himself and says that he wouldnt want to be that old. He himself has reason to live, and his whole life is ahead of him. You have everything, the older waiter tells him. The younger waiter, immersed in happiness, doesnt really understand that he is lucky, and he therefore has little compassion or understanding for those who are lonely and still searching for meaning in their lives.Themes Life as wind instrument In A Clean, Well-Lighted Place, Hemingway suggests that life has no meaning and that man is an insignificant speck in a great sea of nothingness. The older waiter makes this idea as clear as he can when he says, It was all a nothing and man was a nothing too. When he substitutes the Spanish word nada (nothing) into the prayers he recites, he indicates that religion, to which many people turn to find meaning and purpose, is a lso just nothingness. Rather than pray with the actual words, Our Father who art in heaven, the older waiter says, Our nada who art in nadaeffectively wiping out both God and the idea of heaven in one breath. Not everyone is aware of the nothingness, however. For example, the younger waiter hurtles through his life hastily and happily, unaware of any reason why he should lament. For the old man, the older waiter, and the other people who need late-night cafs, however, the idea of nothingness is overwhelming and leads to despair.The Struggle to Deal with Despair The old man and older waiter in A Clean, Well-Lighted Place struggle to find a way to deal with their despair, but even their beaver method simply subdues the despair rather than cures it. The old man has tried to stave off despair in several unsuccessful ways. We learn that he has money, but money has not helped. We learn that he was once married, but he no longer has a wife. We also learn that he has unsuccessfully tried t o commit suicide in a desperate attempt to quell the despair for good. The only way the old man can deal with his despair now is to sit for hours in a clean, well-lit caf. Deaf, he can feel the quietness of the nighttime and the caf, and although he is essentially in his own individual(a) world, sitting by himself in the caf is not the uniform as being alone.The older waiter, in his irritating prayers filled with the word nada, shows that religion is not a viable method of dealing with despair, and his solution is the same as the old mans he waits out the nighttime in cafs. He is event about the type of caf he likes the caf must be well lit and clean. Bars and bodegas, although many are open all night, do not lessen despair because they are not clean, and patrons often must stand at the bar rather than sit at a table. The old man and the older waiter also glean solace from routine. The ritualistic caf-sitting and drinking help them deal with despair because it makes life predict able. Routine is something they can control and manage, unlike the vast nothingness that surrounds them.Motif Loneliness Loneliness pervades A Clean, Well-Lighted Place and suggests that even though there are many people struggling with despair, everyone must struggle alone. The deaf old man, with no wife and only a niece to care for him, is visibly lonely. The younger waiter, frustrated that the old man wont go home, defines himself and the old man in opposites Hes lonely. Im not lonely. Loneliness, for the younger waiter, is a key difference between them, but he gives no thought to why the old man might be lonely and doesnt consider the possibility that he may one day be lonely too. The older waiter, although he doesnt say explicitly that he is lonely, is so similar to the old man in his habit of sitting in cafs late at night that we can assume that he too suffers from loneliness. The older waiter goes home to his room and lies in bed alone telling himself that he merely suffers f rom sleeplessness. Even in this claim, however, he instinctively reaches out for company, adding, Many must have it. The thought that he is not alone in having insomnia or being lonely comforts him.Symbols The Caf The caf represents the opposite of nothingness its cleanliness and good lighting suggest order and clarity, whereas nothingness is chaotic, confusing, and dark. Because the caf is so different from the nothingness the older waiter describes, it serves as a natural refuge from the despair felt by those who are acutely aware of the nothingness. In a clean, brightly lit caf, despair can be controlled and even temporarily forgotten. When the older waiter describes the nothingness that is life, he says, It was only that and light was all it needed and a certain cleanness and order. The light it in the sentence is never defined, but we can speculate about the waiters meaning although life and man are nothing, light, cleanliness, and order can serve as substance. They can help st ave off the despair that comes from feeling completely unanchored to anyone or anything. As long as a clean, well-lighted caf exists, despair can be kept in check.

Education in India Essay Example for Free

facts of life in India EssayTakshasila was the earliest recorded subject matter of high larn in India from at least 5th pennyury BCE and it is debatable whether it could be regarded a university or not. The Nalanda University was the oldest university- arranging of learning in the adult male in the modern sense of university. 2 Western bringing up became ingrain into Indian society with the establishment of the British Raj. Overall System direction in India is turn ind by the existence sphere as fountainhead as the private vault of heaven, with mold and funding coming from three trains profound, e soil, and local. gentility in India falls chthonian the control of both the Union giving medication and the State Governments, with some responsibilities fiction with the Union and the states having impropriety for new(prenominal)s. The various articles of the Indian Constitution provide for direction as a inherent right. Most universities in India be controlled by the Union or the State Government. The subject area Policy on raising (NPE) is a policy beulated by the Government of India to promote breeding amongst Indias people.The policy covers elemental facts of life to colleges in both rural and urban India. The first NEP was promulgated in 1968 by the politics of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, and the second by Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi in 1986. It emphasizes three aspects in recounting to uncomplicated teaching method * universal access and history, * universal retention of children up to 14 age of age, and * a substantial improvement in the pure tone of tuition to enable all children to achieve * Revival of Sanskrit and new(prenominal) classical languages for contemporary purpose.Today bringing up transcription in India pot be divided into galore(postnominal) stages. * Pre- uncomplicated It consists of children of 3-5 geezerhood of age studying in nursery, lower kindergarten and upper kindergarten. At this sta ge bookman is given k without delayledge about give lessons life and is taught to read and write some basic words. * Primary It includes the age group of children of 6-11 historic period studying in classes from first to fifth. * Middle It consists of children studying in classes from 6th to eighth. * Secondary it includes educatees studying in classes ninth and tenth.* juicyer Secondary Includes students studying in eleventh and twelfth part classes. * Undergraduate Here, a student goes by higher(prenominal) statement, which is completed in college. This course may motley according to the subject pursued by the student. For medical student this stage is of four and a half years plus one year of compulsory internship, while a simple graduate ground train can be attained in three years. * Postgraduate After completing graduation a student may opt for post graduation to further add to his qualifications. 10+2+3 pattern .* The central and most state boards uniformly f ollows the 10+2+3 pattern of program line. 113 In this pattern, 10 years of primary and secondary education is followed by 2 years of higher secondary (usually in schooldayss having the higher secondary facility, or in colleges),1144 and then 3 years of college education for bachelors level. 12 Distant cultivation * discipline Open University (IGNOU), New Delhi is one of the mega open universities in the world and caters to around 1 one thousand million students around the world. Vocational culture.Vocational Education at security level are offered by 1500 vocational institutions in the country in the areas of agriculture, business, affair, health and para-medical, home science and arts in addition to engineering trades. Primary Education in India The World Education Forum, held in 2000 primp an ambitious goal universal primary education by the year 2015. Schooling all children until they rag young adulthood is accept as important because it leads to many substantial po sitive effects fall apart family health, lower birth rank, higher productivity, higher earnings, and improved economics of the country as a whole.Globally, however, more(prenominal) than than 115 million children of primary school age do not att decision school. The Indian administration lays idiom on primary education up to the age of fourteen years, referred to as elementary education in India. 14 The Indian politics has alike banned child labour in order to under fruit that the children do not enter unsafe working conditions. Further, education has been made justify14 for children for 6 to 14 years of age or up to class VIII under the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act 2009.18 Current status of primary education in IndiaAbout 20% of Indian children between the ages of half dozen and 14 are not raiseed in school. Even among enrolled children, attendance rates are low and 26% of pupils enrolled in primary school drop out before Grade 5. The situation is worse in certain domains of the population Despite a vibrant emerging economic schema and a string of subtile colleges that cite high caliber professionals, India has not made the grade yet on primary education. hurdles in primary education (double it as general problems as well) Shortage of re founts and lack of political will.High pupil to teacher ratios,(shortage of teachers one teacher schools) Shortage of infra fond structure and poor levels of teacher training. (toilet for girls etc. ) The National Curriculum Framework for Teacher Education of 2009 recommended longer preparation for teachers, except the B. Ed curriculum structure continued to be for a single year. There is to a fault a lack of enough accomplished trainers and preparation to develop skills, abilities and attitudes to teach students. Poverty and illiteracy of the parent Gender Issues(girls cannot study).Social Issues like grade system (some castes are not allowed) Several efforts to enhance quality made by the giving medication. (primary education) The District Education Revitalization Programme (DERP) was launched in 1994 with an aim to universalize primary education in India by reforming and vitalize the lively primary education system. 19 85% of the DERP was funded by the central giving medication and the remaining 15 percent was funded by the states. 19 The DERP, which had opened 160000 new schools including 84000 alternative education schools delivering alternative education to approximately 3.5 million children, was as well supported by UNICEF and other external programmes. 19 . 19 Significant improvement in staffing and enrollment of girls has also been made as a part of this scheme. 19 The current scheme for universalization of Education for All is the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan which is one of the largest education initiatives in the world. Enrollment has been enhanced, but the levels of quality HERE first Write to improve all the to a higher place negative issues. Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA)/Right to Education (RTE).Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (Education for All Movement) is a programme by the Government of India aimed at the universalization of elementary education in a judgment of conviction bound manner, as mandated by the 86th amendment to the Constitution of India making free education to children aged 614 (estimated to be 205 million in come up in 2001) a fundamental right. The programme was pioneered by Atal Bihari Vajpayee. SSA is being implemented in partnership with State Governments to cover the broad(a) country and address the urgencys of 192 million children in 1. 1 million habitations. In FY 2009-10,60% of SSA funds came from GOI. This has now been revised to 65%.The programme is looking to open new schools in those habitations without development facilities and to strengthen existing school infrastructure through provision of additional class rooms, toilets, drinking water, maintenance grant and school improvement grants. SSA i s now the primary vehicle for implementing the Right to Free and Compulsory Education Act (RTE). National Programme for Education of Girls at bare(a) Level (NPEGEL) The National Programme for Education of Girls at Elementary Level (NPEGEL), is a focused intervention of Government of India, to reach the Hardest to Reach girls, especially those not in school.Launched in July 2003, it is an important component of SSA, which provides additional support for enhancing girls education over and in a higher place the investments for girls education through normal SSA interventions. The programme provides for development of a model school in every cluster with more intense community mobilization and supervision of girls enrolment in schools. Gender sensitization of teachers, development of gender-sensitive learning materials, and provision of request-based incentives like escorts, stationery, workbooks and uniforms are some of the endeavors under the programme.The prospective of primary education in India The importance of universal primary education has now been widely recognized by everyone involved. Policies and pledges are easy to make but implementation can be difficult and goals ticklish to achieve, especially in a vast and populous country such as India. global agencies, the government of India, and the numerous NGOs will have to work together with will, wisdom and tremendous energy to make their relish for universal primary education by 2015 a reality in India. Secondary education.For several decades, it has been argued in the literature that secondary education needs to be expanded both as a resolution to increased friendly demand and as a feeder cadre for higher education, giving myopic emphasis to its other important functions. It is also argued that investment in secondary education yields considerable social and economic returns, making it crucial for national development India is following a service-led increase model and striving heavy(a) to survive the global competition, in these conditions it is being increasingly recognised that secondary education, is the most lively segment of the education chain.Apart from the bottom-up pressure (i. e. arising from the growth of primary schooling) and the top-down pressure (as the source of potential intakes for higher education) for its expansion, there is a need to pay greater attention to secondary education as it caters to the needs of the most important segment of the population adolescents and youth, the source of the future human and social capital of a nation. Secondary education covers children 1418 which covers 88.5 million children according to the Census, 2001. Features * A significant feature of Indias secondary school system is the emphasis on inclusion of the disadvantaged sections of the society. * Professionals from naturalised institutes are often called to support in vocational training. * Another feature of Indias secondary school system is its emphasis on profession based vocational training to help students attain skills for finding a vocation of his/her choosing.27 * A significant new feature has been the extension of SSA to secondary education in the form of the Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan28 Integrated Education for Disabled Children (IEDC) programme was started in 1974 with a focus on primary education. 7 but which was converted into Inclusive Education at Secondary Stage29 The government started the Kendriya Vidyalaya project in 1965 for the employees of the central government of India to provide uniform education in institutions following the same syllabus at the same thousand regardless of the location to which the employees family has been transferred.7 Policy Initiatives in secondary education After independence, the first step towards alter policy planning for development of secondary education was the setting up of the Secondary Education missionary station in 1952(also known as the Mudaliar steering). The primary objec tive of the Commission was todiagnose the growth pattern and suggest measures for shakeup and improvement ofsecondary education. The commissions major recommendation was to develop a 3-yearnational system of secondary education later 8-years of elementary education (8 + 3 systemof school education) to make it a complete stage.The commission also recommended thereconstruction of the syllabus to provide a wider and more balanced course and adopt mother tongue as the medium of instruction (Kabir, 1955). Nearly one-and-a-half decades after the Mudaliar Commission, the Kothari Commission(1964-66), while articulating goals and objectives at all stages of education in the consideration ofnational development priorities, recommended for a 4-year secondary education system anddiscontinuing the practice of streaming up to Grade X.It may be noted that, ten years afterthe commission submitted its report education was placed in the simultaneous List States and the centre responsible for its d evelopment. This mixtured the policy context fordevelopment of secondary education.The National Policy on Education (NPE), of 1986 subsequently reiterated the views of the Education Commission to implement a 4-year secondary education system across the states and UTs. 23 The NPE emphasised improving equitable access to secondary education and the enrolment of girls, SCs and STs, particularly in science, commerce and vocational streams (Para 5.13 of the NPE, 1986). The NPE and the Programme of Action (POA), 1992 while recognising secondary education as a decisive instrument for social change, called for its planned expansion. The NPE, (as modified in 1992) specifically laid emphasis again on increasing access to secondary education with particular focus on participation of girls, SCs and STs increased autonomy of Boards ofSecondary Education to enhance their ability to improve quality introduction of ICT inschool curriculum for coping with globalisation renew emphasis on work ethos and valuesof a humane andcomposite culture in the curriculaAnd vocationalisation through specialisedinstitutions or through the refashioning of secondary education to meet the manpower requirements of the growing Indian economy Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan (RMSA) This scheme was launched in March, 2009 with the objective to enhance access to secondary education and to improve its quality. The implementation of the scheme started from 2009-10. It is envisaged to achieve an enrolment rate of 75% from 52.26% in 2005-06 at secondary stage within 5 years of implementation of the scheme by providing a secondary school within a reasonable outer space of any habitation. The other objectives include improving quality of education imparted at secondary level through making all secondary schools conform to prescribed norms, removing gender, socio-economic and disability barriers, providing universal access to secondary level education by 2017, i. e. , by the end of 12th Five Year dev ice and achieving universal retention by 2020.Inclusive Education for the Disabled at Secondary Stage (IEDSS) The Scheme of Inclusive Education for Disabled at Secondary Stage (IEDSS) has been launched from the year 2009-10. This Scheme replaces the earlier scheme of Integrated Education for Disabled Children (IEDC) and would provide assistance for the inclusive education of the disabled children in classes IX-XIITo enable all students with disabilities, after completing eight years of elementary schooling, to pursue further four years of secondary schooling in an inclusive and enabling environment.higher(prenominal) education Indias higher education system is the third largest in the world, after China and the United States. 32 The main governing body at the tertiary level is the University Grants Commission (India), which enforces its standards, advises the government, and helps coordinate between the centre and the state. 33 Accreditation for higher learning is overseen by 12 aut onomous institutions established by the University Grants Commission. 34 In India, education system is reformed.In future, India will be one of the largest education hub. After tone ending the Higher Secondary Examination (the grade 12 mental testing), students may enroll in general degree programmes such as bachelors degreein arts, commerce or science, or professional degree programmes such as engineering, legal philosophy or medicine. 31 As of 2009, India has 20 central universities, 215 state universities, 100 deemed universities, 5 institutions established and functioning under the State Act, and 33 institutes which are of national importance.33 Other institutions include 16,000 colleges, including 1,800 exclusive womens colleges, functioning under these universities and institutions. 33 The emphasis in the tertiary level of education lies on science and technology. 35 Indian educational institutions by 2004 consisted of a large number of technology institutes. 36 Distance le arning is also a feature of the Indian higher education system. 36 Indian bring ins of Technology (IITs), have been globally acclaimed for their standard of undergraduate education in engineering.36 The IITs enroll about 10,000 students annually and the alumni have contributed to both the growth of the private sector and the public sectors of India. 37 Several other institutes of fundamental research such as the Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science (IACS), Indian Institute of Science IISC), Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), Harishchandra Research Institute (HRI), are acclaimed for their standard of research in basic sciences and mathematics. Government programs on Education Rashtriya Uchattar Shiksha Abhiyan.The Rashtriya Uchattar Shiksha Abhiyan is a centrally sponsored flagship umbrella scheme aimed at providing strategic funding to State higher and technical institutions. States will develop comprehensive state higher education plans that utilize an int erconnected strategy to address issues of expansion, equity and excellence together. interchange funding will be linked to academic, administrative and financial reforms of state higher education. The Rashtriya Uchattar Shiksha Abhiyan proposes to put a ceiling of maximum number of colleges to be affiliated to any university at two hundred .17 Higher Education and Eleventh Plan (2007-2012) With the objectives and proposals of the Plan as the background, the report mentions that the private sector has played an instrumental role in the growth of the sector. Private institutions now account for 64% of the total number of institutions and 59% of enrollment in the country, as compared to 43% and 33%, respectively, a decade ago. The Government has also given the required thrust to the sector in its Five Year Plans. During the Eleventh Plan period (20072012), India achieved a Gross Enrollment dimension (GER) of 17.9%, up from 12. 3% at the beginning of the Plan period. Indias higher ed ucation system faces challenges on three fronts ExpansionIndias GER of16% was much below the world average of 27%, as well as that of other emerging countries such as China (26%) and Brazil (36%) in 2010. moralityFaculty shortage there is 40% and 35% shortage of faculty in state and central universities, respectively. Accredited institutions 62% of universities and 90% of colleges were average or below average in 2010, on the home of their NAAC accreditation.Low citation impact Indias relative citation impact is half the world average. paleness There is wide disparity in the GER of higher education across states and the Gross Attendance symmetry (GAR) in urban and rural areas, and gender- and community-wise Drawbacks of Indian Higher Education System * Besides top rated universities which provide highly competitive world class education to their pupils, India is also home to many universities which have been founded with the doctor objective of making easy money.* Regulator y authorities like UGC and AICTE have been trying very hard to extirpate the menace of private universities which are running courses without any affiliation or recognition. Indian Government has failed to check on these education shops, which are run by big businessmen politicians. * Many private colleges and universities do not fulfill the required criterion by the Government and central bodies (UGC, AICTE, MCI, BCI etc. ) and take students for a ride.* Quality assurance mechanism has failed to stop misrepresentations and malpractices in higher education. At the same time regulatory bodies have been accused of corruption, specifically in the case of deemed-universities. 39 Road Ahead in Higher Education * Merit-based student financing This should ensure admissions to meritorious students independent of financial background * Internationalization of education This would entail aligning different aspects of education (curriculum, faculty, etc) to international standards * Enabling a research environment.This would involve creating satisfactory means of research funding and practical application of research * High quality faculty The need of the hour is to create a conducive environment and provide incentives to attract and retain high quality faculty.* Improved technology for education delivery Leveraging technology for enhancing the teaching-learning experience will ensure best outcomes * Employability Making education-industry relevant and practical would be the right way to ensure a highly employable talent pool Indias higher education system can be expected to be better aligned to industry and global practices, and be more transparent and inclusive by the end of Twelfth Plan period, provided the Government is able to create an enabling regulatory environment and put in place robust implementation, monitoring and quality assurance mechanisms.* Legislative support. One of the most talked about bank note is Foreign Universities Bill, which is supposed to facilitate entry of foreign universities to establish campuses in India. * Private Sector-The private sector can be expected to play an instrumental role in the achievement of these outcomes through the inception of knowledge networks, research and innovation centers, corporate-backed institutions, and support for faculty development. Saakshar Bharat (Saakshar Bharat)/Adult Education.The Prime Minister of India launched Saakshar Bharat, a centrally sponsored scheme of Department of School Education and Literacy (DSEL), Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India (GOI), on the International Literacy Day, 8th September, 2009. It aims to further promote and strengthen Adult Education, specially of women, Education Governing Bodies he Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)This is the main governing body of education system in India. It has control over the central education system. It conducts exam and looks after the functioning of schools accredited to cen tral education system. * The Council of Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE) It is a board for Anglo Indian Studies in India. It conducts two examinations Indian Certificate of Secondary Education and Indian School Certificate.Indian Certificate of secondary education is a k-10 examination for those Indian students who have just completed class 10th and Indian school certificate is a k-12 public examination conducted for those studying in class 12th. * The State Government Boards Apart from CBSE and CISCE each state in India has its own State Board of education, which looks after the educational issues. * The National Open School It is also known as National Institute of Open Schooling. It was established by the Government Of India in 1989. It is a ray of hope for those students who cannot attend formal schools. * The International School It controls the schools, which are accredited to curriculum of international standard. * programification of Colleges.Colleges in India come under four different categories. This categorization is done on the basis of the kind of courses offered by them (professional/ vocational) / their ownership status( Private/ Government) or their relationship with the university (affiliated/university have). University Colleges These colleges are managed by the university itself and situated broadly in the university campus. Government Colleges The government colleges are few, only about 15-20 percent of the total. They are managed by state governments. As in case of other colleges, the university to which these colleges are affiliated, conducts their examination, lays down the courses of studies and awards the degrees.Professional Colleges The professional colleges are broadly in the disciplines of medicine, engineering and management. There are few for other disciplines too. They are sponsored and managed either by the government or by private initiative. Privately Managed colleges About 70% of the colleges are founded by the privately owned trusts or societies. But these institutes are also governed by the rules and regulations of the university they are affiliated to. Though initially started up as a private initiative, the state government also funds these college Private Education What is it? What is the need for it ? What are benefits? What are problems with it?What can be done to streamline it? India saw the largest increase in literacy rate in the decadeof 19912001 from about 52 per cent to 65 per cent. From 2001 to 2011, the literacy rate increased by 9 per cent to 74 per cent (Planning Commission 2011). The 13 per cent increase in 19912001 has been the largest for any 10-year period in the history of the country. Private investments and the emergence of budget private schools was the main cause for this. As parents began to earn more in the post-reform era, they began to invest in their children. As better employment opportunities arose, the value of education became more obvious to parent s.This increased demand for education was met by a rapid expansion of budget private schools The biggest achiever story of literacy in India has been written withprivate initiative parents willingness to pay and the edupreneur innovation of an aff ordable school. In post-liberalisation India, the importance of the private sector in economic growth is well understood and appreciated.For economic growth, the states role is in the first place to enable the private sector as a facilitator, prudent regulator, impartial enforcer of contracts, and at generation as a financier Incentives for efficiency are also weak. Government employees have little incentive to minimise bes, fi nd and correct mistakes, innovate, and acquire necessary information about resources and consumer demand. The high teacher absenteeism in government schools is just one indicator of poor incentives. .High prices in terms of tuition fees, donations andlong queues for admissions are signs of the shortage of quali ty educational institutions. The same paucity of supply existed for consumer goods before the 1991 liberalisation. The license-permit-quota raj still exists in our education system. Schools and colleges need to be made accountable not to education bureaucrats (licensors) but to parents and students (customers). The government policy should be to increase choice and competition in education as it has been done in many areas of the economy facilitate, not control.The core competency of the private and public sectors should be combined. The private sector should be allowed to produce education manage schools and colleges and provide it to all who can aff ord to pay.For those who cannot aff ord to pay, the government should finance their education through scholarships, education vouchers and loans. Instead of focusing on the inputs to education, the government ensures the output meaningful, high quality learning. This approach combines the efficiency and right of the private sector with the equity and independent supervision of the public sector. .Governments and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) should evaluate schools and colleges and publish the results so that parents can make informed decisions. One key goal of global reformers is to increase the accountability of schools towards parents restructure the system so that schools are at least as much accountable to parents as they are to the education offi cials.There are many ways to achieve this goal put parents on school boards or district education councils, give powers to parent-teacher associations, create something like our village education committees . One new psyche in this bucket is that of school vouchers. Several countries have undertaken pilot projects. The voucher is a tool to change the way governments finance education, particularly of the poor. It is a coupon off ered by the government that covers full or partial cost of education at the school of the students choice. The schools coll ect vouchers from the students, deposit them in their bank accounts and the banks then credit the school accounts with equivalent money while debiting the account of the government.Section 12 of the RTE requires private unaided schools to reserve 25 per cent seats in the entry-level class (nursery or Class I) for socially disadvantaged and economically weaker sections. The government would provide private schools with reimbursements equal to their fees or the per student cost in government schools, whichever is lower. EDUCATION REFORM Just as in economic reforms, the list of education reform ideas could be quite long. This paper suggests that two principles should be the focus of reforms in the education ecosystem effi cient use of public funds and the promotion of equity and quality through choice and competition. Achieve Efficient expenditure of Public Funds.(a) Fund students, not schools (school vouchers, charter schools, conditional cash transfers) (b) Convert state funding to per student basis and link it to performance (d) Give poorly performing state schools to private parties on learning outcome contracts (e) Hire teachers at the school level, not at the state level Promote equity and Quality through Choice and Competition (i) Apply the same standards to both private as well as government schools (ii) Annual independent learning outcome assessment across all schools (iii) decentralise and depoliticise syllabi and textbooks (iv) Open Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and state board exams to all students, not only for students who study in CBSE or state board affiliated schools.

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Self-medication Hypothesis Essay Example for Free

Self-medication scheme EssayAccording to the self-medication hypothesis (SMH Khantzian,1985). The individuals choice of a particular drug is not accidental or coincidental, but instead, a result of the individuals mental condition, as the drug of choice provides fireman to the user particular(prenominal) to his or her condition. Specifically, addiction is hypothesized to function as a compensatory means to modulate cause and treat distressful psychological states, whereby individuals choose the drug that depart most appropriately have intercourse their specific type of psychiatric distress and help them achieve emotional stability. Alcohol use may preserve anxiety, for this reason alcoholic drink consumption is reinforcing particularly when consumed in stressful condition. Drinking can improve mood and social adjustments, remove stress and burdens. As stated to the SMH the choice of a particular drug is a result of the individuals psychological condition, socially anxi ous muckle might be expect to use alcohol as a coping action in try at self-medication and to manage their anxiety.Based on the Drive Reduction Theory (Clark remove, 1943) the reduction of drives is the primary force behind motivation. In his system, Hull used the term drive to refer to the state of tension or arousal caused by biological or physiological necessitate. A drive creates an unpleasant state a tension that needs to be reduced. In order to reduce this state of tension, humans and animals seek out ways to save these biological needs. Drive theory is based on the principle that organisms are born with certain psychological needs and that a negative state of tension is created when these needs are not satisfied. Drinking alcohol is a way for socially anxious people to reduce their anxiety, so every time they will engage to a social situation they will use alcohol for conditioning and strengthening. As Hull suggested, humans and animals will then repeat any behaviour tha t reduces their drives.Based on Decision theory every action at least implicitly represents a decision under uncertainty in a state of partial knowledge, something has to be done, even if that something turns out to be nothing. Even if you dont know how you nettle decisions, decisions do make up made, and so there has to be some underlying mechanism. The said theory states how people with social anxiety decide. They decide to use alcohol to reduce their anxiety, to handle with the symptoms or to try to get away from it. Since alcohol has a soothing effect and produces a sense of thrill and decreased bashfulness apparently providing relief from anxiety.

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I need help with the book called warriors dont cry Essay Example for Free

I conduct help with the book called warriors dont cry EssayOluwatemi Kukoyi December 3. 2013 English Period 7 Gang fierceness Death of a Friend In the united States, there are over 1. 4 one thousand million gang members. With such small percentage of the U. S, their the reason why most kids such as Isaac Johnson, 17 years old killed by the crossfire are fearing for their life every day. They say dont blame the streets, blame the people in it. I look back, and see all the Hard work America baffle do to change the life styles of Gang Bangers. Based on the results, on the streets. d what the Media take been embracing, it seems that America have been doing absolutely nothing. His name was Mike. I usually wouldnt say not Like Mike as of In the movie, but, in this case, he was Like Mike All he wanted to do was play Basketball, in that location was never a eon when he was bored, because basketball is what hell be playing. He was smart on the streets but, not too bright when it came kill to books. He was my best friend, my right hand man, every time I looked at his face, I see a wallet full of enJamln bills, because I knew with his talent, and he would profit It to the real court (NBA).The court raised him, but, the streets changed him. Mike hated instruct. He would accept graduating with Ds down his report card, and be proud of It. He didnt care. He was only in it, to Just get come out of the closet of his life. I use to see mike outside around the corner sometimes, smoking weed, and with gang affiliates. intend It alike It was yesterday, or 5 minutes ago. I was home, waking up from a nap from tutor. I went in the kitchen to get a nice cold bowl cereal. The phone rang. One of my good friends mouth through the phone in a dreadful tone that mike was died.And when heard that, it tangle like I have died also. walked in my bed with a halt of sorrow, and just cried. I swallowed my Machoness and swallowed my pride. I felt as If I was handicap. That my right hand man was killed, that the pain will never go away. skipped school for weeks. My mind was full of questions. At that point, I really didnt care, but for only to get my friend back. I need help with the book called warriors dont cry by melba beals By Jamesthegreatl 2 Oluwafemi Kukoyi December 3,2013 In the unify States, there are over 1. million gang members. With such small streets, and what the Media have been embracing, it seems that America have been His name was Mike. I usually wouldnt say not Like Mike as of in the movie, but, in this case, he was Like Mike All he wanted to do was play Basketball. There was never a time when he was bored, because basketball is what hell be playing. He was benJamin bills, because I knew with his talent, and he would make it to the real court ccept graduating with Ds down his report card, and be proud of it.He didnt care. I remember it like it was yesterday, or 5 minutes ago. I was home, waking up from mike was died. And when I heard t hat, it felt like I have died also. I walked in my bed with a limp of sorrow, and Just cried. I swallowed my Machoness and swallowed my pride. I felt as if I was handicap. That my right hand I skipped school for weeks. My mind was full of questions. At that point, I really didnt care, but for only to get my friend back.