Thursday, April 18, 2019

DISNEYLAND IN QATAR Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

DISNEYLAND IN QATAR - Case Study ExampleMarket sectionalization and rear market have been analyzed as part of market analysis. These lead form the basis for the suppuration of positioning strategies that atomic number 18 necessary for the appropriate marketing mix to be achieved. The 4ps, which represents Product, Place, Price and Promotion, have been discussed as part of the marketing mix that will be significant for the proposition park to establish a unique position in the Qatari market. The strategic fit between the companys capabilities, resources and the hazard has been discussed. These are indicators of competitiveness that justify the need for expansion in to the Qatari market. The implementation plan highlights the chronology of events that will lead to the establishment of a fully functional theme park in Qatar. It has been included in the marketing plan as a significant lead to the implementation of proposed activities to accomplish particular objectives everyplace a particular period of cadence. Each activity corresponds to an objective and output. The implementation plan indicates that establishment and mental process of the theme park will take a period of 14 months. The control strategies that will be employed have been highlighted. These are the actions that the way will be involved in to tally that the objectives are accomplished according to the implementation plan. Introduction... Disneyland will establish a 500 hectare park with 10 divisions crack different frolic activities including horse rides, music, live plays, video and wildlife viewing as well as temper trails. This marketing plan aims at maintaining annual revenue of $3 billion. This will be equivalent to 30% of all revenue generated by all five existing Disneys theme parks in 2011 (White, 2004). Objectives 1. Maintaining 24 hour services during peak season to maintain high sales 2. Increasing the time customers spend in the park through offering half day free for ever y deuce days spent at Disneyland during off-peak 3. Promoting institutional visitation by offering special cost reducing during off-peak 4. Encouraging visitation by locals through discounts 5. Establish customer relation management (CRM) to enable the management to keep in touch with clients 6. To increase income by taking advantage of increased number of customers and tourists as a result of Qatar being the host for FIFA Word Cup in 2022 Mission The overall committee of the organization is to maintain leadership among the global providers of entertainment, and more specifically to establish an ultra modern theme park that will outshine any other theme park in the Qatari entertainment industry. The new theme park in Qatar will offer customer focused services to ensure that people get the best value for their money. Market Analysis Market Segmentation Market segmentation has been an important tool for the success of Disneyland theme parks. It involves division of the market in to v arious segments that consist of groups of consumers with everyday characteristics. This practice allows the management to know the

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