Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Project 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 3

Project 2 - Essay ExampleI will focus on Tesco QR code subway store. The project aim is to give a brief idea about how applied science may help the businesses, which support me to choose this subject in my bachelor.As you know, the short terminal system is to evaluate the topic and feedback visitors comments. I will link the website with my Facebook, Twitter, Google plus account and beam the website link by WhatsApp and Email. I will work hard and use all my experiences in fix to build a good reputation to achieve the main goal in the medium term which will be explained in the next chapter. In the short term there are no goals except to build a good reputation.After ascertaining that the short term plan select been successfully accomplished, the next step which is the medium term plan goal is to present any new technology in my website so that developers may know the consumers needs throw the website to produce a new mandatory product also to know the other new technology in o rder if a developer opinion of mixing two technology together.In my study at Salford university of Business info Technology, I have understood that by mixing the information technology with the business is a very powerful combination. Information technology supports businesses and could mean the success of enterprises if applied effectively.That is why I have chosen to present a new technology in my website and the topic of my dissertation which is about E-learning. New technology such as the apps and shopping online has become my interest which has triggered me to think about designing a new app and market it later finishing my bachelor.There are many areas where my project could support. By understanding the value of social networks and how it smoke affect any business in positive or negative way. Also by feeling and understanding what does website ranking mean and how important is it in the internet world. Which lead me to find the best keywords and chase engine

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