Monday, September 23, 2019

Marketing professional practice 300 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Marketing professional practice 300 - Essay Example Schools which lack funding or government support usually welcome these marketing efforts (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation 2008). In in-school marketing, a consistent and strong proposition regarding healthy eating can be integrated through informative contests; distribution of educational materials; correspondence with canteens or cafeterias; and feeding programs. While in-school marketing may not need any demand-specific strategy, in marginal sectors, there is an urgency to do so. It is presumed that low income families represent the marginal sectors of the community therefore nutritious food intake appear unreasonably expensive for them (Department of Human Services n.d.). A very important objective in this outreach is to eliminate such mindset. To achieve this, the organization can instead endorse a dietary scheme which involves nutritious but affordable food and beverages for regulated daily food consumption. An example of an exact promotional strategy is the FoodCent$ program sponsored by an Australian nonprofit (Department of Human Services n.d.). The entire program may be implemented for at least three years or more when necessary. There can be no doubt to the efficacy and conventionality of television advertising as a method of promoting a product, service, or image. It sends a message to a massive or target-specific audience within seconds. The same principle is true when promoting the cause of the charity. The television advertisement should contain the advocacy in the most creative but informative structure. With local or international child celebrities and hit characters, the organization could use television endorsers to promote it. Then, the ad should be slated during children-viewing periods, that is, within children programs. Media networks can supply the said information since they develop a programming schedule designed for different

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