Saturday, September 28, 2019

Christian Leader Audit Sample Essay

The Christian Leader Audit helps determine the overall strength of the leader as a Christian. Is the leader a strong Christian leader, above average Christian leader and so on? As Malphurs exclaims, as Christian leaders our â€Å"mandate is to lead Christianly regardless of the context.† This audits one’s commitment to Christ, godly character, reliance on God and ability to live by example. I scored a nine on the audit and according to my score I am a strong Christian leader. Practicing servant leadership was a given for me. It has always been a passion of mine to serve others in any way possible. I have always believed that you must lead by example. In student ministry this often means that I look for opportunities to serve students so that they can see in living color what being a servant looks like. Some examples would be sharing what I have with students. I find that any time I can share a meal with someone or share some money with someone in need that this a great opportunity for me to lead by example. Often, I find myself not just asking others to clean up but I join them in cleaning up. I try to make sure that I never have the attitude that I am â€Å"too good† to do something. As I further reflected on this audit I found that while most of the time I lead by the power of the Holy Spirit there are times when I launch out ahead of the Holy Spirit on my own. I often find myself praying that I would not get ahead of the Spirit but if I am honest I will admit that I get excited or at times frustrated and move out on my own. This was a good reminder for me that I must always be sensitive to God’s Spirit as I lead others making sure that I am staying in stride with God’s Spirit and not pulling ahead or falling behind. Aubrey Malphurs, Being Leaders:The Nature of Authentic Christian Leadership, (Grand Rapids, Michigan, Baker Books:2003), 13.

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