Sunday, June 9, 2019

India’s Classical Age Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Indias Classical Age - Essay ExampleIt is believed that Kalidasa was one of the nine gems in the court of the with child(p) Vikramaditya. Therefore, it is evident that some influence of the socio-political elements of the period can be traced in the bandage of the great drama as no literature is free from the topical anaesthetic and contemporary social influences. The great drama by Kalidasa, in the similar fashion, captivates the rich and glorious heritage of India and its tradition. We come to know that kings were fond of hunting and as the opening scene shows the king set out for hunting and chasing the antelopes,Sakoontala indeed is a great material to be incorporated as a film. The plot of the drama and its narrative structure captivates great dramatic element. Along with that character portrayal and character development of the drama kick down the play a pith cinematic dimension. All the characters are portrayed brilliantly and coherently for the support of the plot and it s development. A thorough focus on the main characters that of Sakoontala and Dushyanta launches its readers to a develop understanding of the play incorporated as a film. The tender and innocent Sakoontala at the lap of nature falls in love with the king. Her love is lively and pure as the nature. Amid the charm of the nature and enchantment of the nature girl Sakoontala, the king is enamoured in the love of the nature and the young tender girl with the abandon of lightening and charm of an antelope. But their departure and the trajectory which the tender girl from the lap of the nature, Sakoontala undertakes launch her to an evolved character of a matured fighter of her social rights and give a complete coherence to the plot and trajectory of the character development. On the other hand, the character transformation of Dushyanta, the king also is worth appreciation. His journey from fall in love to forgetting it and finding the lost love once more supports the plot development and trajectory of Sakoontalas character equally

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