Monday, June 10, 2019

HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT - Essay ExampleFor example, the general management testament avail the resources required and give signatories to implement the strategy hence they need to be aware of the strategy and its implications on the operations of the company. Providing all the information virtually the business strategy to the general management is vital in ensuring that they give a go ahead so that the strategy is implemented.The human resource organisational strategy, which go out make their policies work, is one that divides the role of decision making among the employees, which is referred to as employee or labor relations (Abella, 2004). For example, antithetical groups will be assigned different tasks, which they will be responsible for and ensure that the tasks they are assigned are accomplished. Sharing decision-making makes employees comfortable with their job since they will have a feeling of self worth. Consequently, this will enhance the operations of the company and productivity will rise. In addition human resource can use a compensation strategy, which will see that the hard working employees are given bonuses for the extra work they do.To be a stage 6 carriage in the construction company, the motorbus needs ensure that their practices are directed towards achieving the goals the company has set within the time provided while taking care of the needs of every worker (Armstrong, 2008). The manager should use orientation where he will ensure that all the workers are protected in terms of justice and welfare, which will be the same for everyone in the company. The manager should ensure that every worker is entitled to a medical cover and incase of injury or sickness, they are treated promptly and in the best way. He should also ascertain that workers are entitled to joining unions, which will be responsible for forwarding their complaints to the management. Furthermore, the manager should ensure that his motives are righteous and should b e

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