Sunday, November 24, 2019

Reservoir Dogs essays

Reservoir Dogs essays Reservoir Dogs Reservoir Dogs is a brilliant film, the plot of the film is there were six professional thieves who were all brought together to do a jewelry store robbery. During the robbery things go wrong someone gets killed, someone gets shot and there is an undercover cop among the thieves. The audience has no idea of whom the undercover cop is, the entire movie is based on trying to figure out who the snitch is. This film has a very strong theme be careful who you trust... This theme is shown through out the entire film some prime examples are when Mr. White was willing to protect Mr. Orange to any extent, because he believed Mr. Orange was in no way shape or form a cop. Mr. Orange had shot and killed a civilian in font of Mr. White this was enough proof to Mr. White that Mr. Orange could not be a cop. The other characters in the film start to talk and narrow down who they believe the snitch is Mr. Orange name is continuously coming up as the possible snitch. Mr. Orange is probably one of the lest trusted characters among the other thieves, the only reason he was not found to be an undercover cop till the end of the film was Mr. White was doing everything he could to protect him from the other thieves. One of the characters that is totally trusted as to not being a cop is Mr. Blonde. Mr. Blonde went on a shooting spree at the jewelry store; he shot and killed several of the employees his actions at the jewelry store have made him a trusted character among the other robbers. The other thieves all believe there is no way an undercover cop would have shot civilians in the manner Mr. Blonde did at the robbery. Mr. Blondes actions show how criminals reputations and trusts are built, Mr. Blonde has good trust among the other criminals because he has proven to them he is not affiliated with the police. Mr. Blonde also has a very good reputation with Nice Guy&q...

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