Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Service learning Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Service learning - Assignment Example This implies that every member of the society is equally important and holds the potential to make positive contributions consequently leading to the overall societal development. Racism is a global problem that can affect anyone since it arguably depends on an individual’s location. For example being white in America and other Western countries is seemingly a free ticket from racism unlike other races such as Asians. However, this privilege is limited to regions where the highest percentage of inhabitants are white. For example, during a tour to Africa with my family we encountered an incident where we were overcharged simply due to the divisions and notions created by race. There was no considerable benefit to the oppressors apart from the extra cash of course. Nonetheless, racism is seemingly double sided since in some instances I get served first regardless there being people from a different race that had arrived earlier. Stereotyping is a common practice in the society and can either be positive or negative. For example, the stereotype that all politicians are selfish or that girls are not good at sports or that all Muslims are terrorists or all women like make-up. Going by this examples it is evident that stereotypes are specific to particular groups such as politicians, girls, Muslims, and women respectively. Additionally, stereotypes are seemingly true but the main contestation is the generalization that is not necessarily true. For example, a relatively high number of women like and frequently use make-up. However, there is also a relatively high number of women who do not wear make-up and in fact do not like it. The theory of voluntary oppression is deeply rooted in the provisions that for oppression to occur one must belong to a group that is facing oppression. This is despite the fact that the particular individual in play may not be directly affected. This implies that an individual is oppressed simply due to the fact that they

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