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Facebook: A Useful Communication Tool

Facebook: A Useful Communication Tool This report provides an analysis about Facebook, which has become an important source of communication now days. The report starts with an introduction of Facebook, history of Facebook and its importance now days. The report then moves on the use of the social network as a communication tool, entertainment, business and information. The report also tells about the usage of Facebook among different people of different regions and different ages. The report then covers the main advantages and disadvantages of Facebook and then finally discusses how to make the usage of Facebook limited and safe. 1.0 Introduction A social network is defined as an internet based service that allows its users to create a public or private profile in which they could list their personal details, hobbies, relationships and share it with people they want to share their personal details with. Most popular social networks now days are Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, My Space and Google Plus. This research is carried out to provide information about Facebook, the importance of Facebook now days and to mention advantages and disadvantages of Facebook. Facebook was found on 4th February 2004 by a teenage boy Mark Zuckerberg in Stanford. The companys first name was thefacebook.com, after a month company shifted its platform of functions to Florida and Palo Alta. The company bought its name Facebook from the website Facebook.com in 2005 for $200,000. After 8 years Facebook has become one of the most famous website on the internet, even from a school boy to a busy business man everybody seems to be addicted to Facebook. Thi s research tells us about the use of Facebook by different people of different ages and regions. People of different ages use Facebook for different purposes children and teenagers mostly use this network for communication and entertainment, Business men use this for multiple purposes such as communication, information, and marketing and also as an entertainment. According to research carried out Facebook is used in every country of the world. The report then finally discusses what problems have risen as a result of excess use of Facebook and its effect on International media and daily life of people. 2.0 Importance of Facebook now days: According to this research Facebook is a lawful activity in every country of the world, and from a small child to a busy professional business man Facebook is an addiction to all of them. Facebook has become a part of daily routine of people and for some people part of their hourly routine, people of all ages use Facebook for following different purposes. 2.1 Communication: The main purpose of this social network is communication; the main logo of Facebook is connect and share with the people in your life. Facebook allows its users to chat, talk and share their daily life activities with their friends and family. 2.2 Entertainment Due to the advance features of this network entertainment has become as equal purpose as communication; as a member logs into his Facebook account his attention is readily diverted towards different entertainment stuff like time line applications, online game applications, picture jokes, funny videos and other interesting content. 2.3 Source of Earning Facebook is also used as a source of earning by people i.e. Facebook is one of the most visited websites on internet so it is an excellent website for advertisement and offers about brands and products, therefore Facebook is also used for marketing of business and hence it assists people in earning money. 2.4 Data Storage and Information Some people also use Facebook as data storage i.e. to store their memorable photos and videos on internet as in case their compute data gets corrupt or lost. Facebook is also sometimes used to obtain information about famous people, locations, cultures and events. Facebook also keeps people up to date about the world. 3.0 Usage of Facebook by people of different ages and different regions According to the research carried out Facebook population is made up of Millions of people around the globe. As compared to males, females lead the population on Facebook; young adults aged 18 to 25, possess the most population of the Facebook due to their interests in chatting, entertainment, cyber dating and other youth stuff. After this age sector Facebook is heavily populated from people aged 26 to 34, due to the same interests as of young adults. The rest of the population is covered by people of different ages including children and people over 45. Coming to the regional statics of Facebook usage, Facebook is a lawful activity in every country of the world. America has the most Facebook users of the world, Brazil has the second most users of Facebook in the World and third country with most Facebook users is India. Ireland possesses 59th position in relevance to the Facebook population. All these statistics show that Facebook is huge and on the present day it is the most popula r social network and one of the most visited website on internet. 4.0 Advantages and disadvantages of Facebook: Today the world has become a place of instant communication with the help of social networks like Facebook, twitter, Google plus etc. and by other means of communication like emails and telephones. Facebook is the most popular social network on internet and its use is rapidly increasing, according to research carried out Facebook is the most popular communication tool used, followed by SMS and email. Facebook is the most popular social network in the world, with over 350 million users, so it should come as no surprise to discover that people are using it as a primary tool for communication, said Hazel Butters, CEO of Prompt Communications. As far as communication and sharing Facebook is considered as an excellent tool, but problems arise when Facebook becomes an addiction. Facebook has become a part of daily routine of people and for some people part of their hourly routine and hence they are moving away from their daily healthy activities by spending hours on Facebook. Teens especially are being accused of constantly logged in their account, some specialists narrate that this develops social skills in them which are essential in practical life. But other people believe that this disturbs their studies and their healthy outdoor activities. Privacy is another issue with Facebook, although the social network offers the users full control of their private information still there is insecurity with many different features of Facebook, also hacking is another threat for users, if some account gets hacked all the personal details and stuff of the user will be leaked. Another drawback of Facebook is fraud and fake accounts, a ccording to the stats 83 million accounts on Facebook are fake or duplicate, this creates a lot of confusion among the users e.g. people may not be talking or sharing their details with the person they think they actually are, sometimes people are fooled into funding or sharing money for the name of some well-known company or fund raisers by fake accounts. Facebook an incredible place for young boys and girls in relevance of dating sometimes becomes a goldmine for identity theft and dating Sometimes people are in love with person they dont even know that exists or not. Cyber bullying is another major problem with Facebook, people often criticize others on Facebook and sometimes a group targets an individual and insult the person in front of their friends or even family. This causes mental stress to people, makes them victim of complex and diverts their attention from their carrier or studies. With all these problems it is hard decided that Facebook is a beneficial or not, but inste ad of criticizing a solution should be found. Facebook was found for communication and entertainment purpose so it should be kept that way, Facebook should not be taken as an addiction and there should be a small time period for it. Facebook should not be preferred over studies, outdoor activities or work. Moral Values should be followed on Facebook one must not abuse somebodys privacy, should not cheat anybody on Facebook or criticize any other person on Facebook. This way we can make Facebook beneficial. 5.0 Conclusion: The research carried out tells us that Facebook has become an important part of our lives by means of communication, entertainment and business all around the globe, but it is misused by people and therefore it is losing its reputation. But instead of walking out from Facebook it should be used properly to avoid the loss of a very useful communication and entertainment tool. Contents Geekosystem.com, 2012, to prove a point dating site steals 250,000 profiles on Facebook, 2012, http://www.geekosystem.com/dating-site-stole-facebook-profiles/, accessed on 25/11/2012. Katin Rogers, 2012, Facebook users raise privacy concerns as company tweaks security settings, 15/10/2012, http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2012/oct/15/facebook-users-privacy-concerns-security, accessed on 25/11/2012. Social Bakers, 2012, Facebook Statistics, 2012, http://www.socialbakers.com/facebook-statistics, accessed on 25/11/2012. 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