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Our marketing case study refers at the develop of the Italian market of Havaianas flip-flops Description of Product In Brazil Havaianas product is well known (second only to Coca Cola). It’s a mass market product, a commodity Flip-flops features: †¢ †¢ †¢ †¢ †¢ †¢ Comfortable Durable Out of time Practical Aesthetically beautiful Cheap Two Mains Markets A traditional segment like beach, leisure and sport A niche segment, the surf market Main Marketing Problems In Italy among consumers only 12. 5% indicated Havaianas as first brand of flip flops designed Find the right market segment considering the competitors Convey to consumers the important attributes, technical and emotional, of the product Targeting The product is suitable for everyone, but especially for consumers aged from 16 to 40 In this range we have identified three main consumers categories †¢ Trendy: †¢ Functional: †¢ Not interested: 10% 75% 15% Swot Analisys OPPORTUNITY – Width of the target – Ability to create authentic connections with a product rich in meanings – Ability to enter niche marketsSTRENGTHS – Versatility of the product – High Quality (natural materials) – Wide range of models -Possibility of limited Editions Product THREATS -Competition indirect and parallel importation of products with low cost (China) -No barriers to entry -Risk of becoming a passing fashion brand -Existence of direct competitors that also produce clothing lines WEAKNESSES – Poor presence in some markets – Low brand awareness – It’s absent the perception of the quality of the product by the consumer – Seasonality – It is not considered a technical productTraditional Market Positioning Market Positioning-Competitors †¢ Reef, the market leader, has a marketing strategy aimed at consumers increasingly sophisticated which seem to communicate a feeling of continuous research and ne ed of something more distinctive †¢ Sundek leverages its production of summer clothing to also sell footwear and flipflops †¢ As flip-flops for the pool, locker room and sports in general brands such as Nike & Adidas provide an higher level of technicality If we consider the Havaianas as a sandal for a night out or generally for living the city, then the competition is with brands such as D&G, Gucci, Prada Market Positioning-Havaianas Havaianas is on the market in a position straddling Functionality and Fashion (impossible for Reef) to a point less â€Å"evolved† of its direct competitor The fashion factor for Havaianas is the ability to sell a cheap product that capture the customers with the history, the sense of freedom and the possibility to express yourself which are the guidelines that, since the beginning, distinguish this productSurf Market Market PositioningCompetitors The competitors, althougth with different placements, stands on the left side of the tabl e aiming to attract customers with their ability to perceive the technical characteristics of the product There are also in this context brands such as Cool that are oriented more to products of high quality and technically suitable for sport Others (in the area at the bottom left) that link instead, quite indistinct between them, to follow the fashion even at the expense of the more technical characteristics Market PositioningHavaianasHavaianas instead focuses its strategy in being able to exploit the high degree of involvement that surfers reserve to this brand and this is the main feature that differentiates it from competitors In the surfing world Havainas is an â€Å"object of worship† now deeply rooted in the tradition and attractiveness of this sport and it is from this that the brands draws its market power Marketing Goals Create an emotional bond with the brand and its history Provide more popularity to the brand so that potential buyers can easily associate the bran d with various modelsBrand Philosophy Extraordinary capabilities that this product has to create a bond between the user and Brazil, the place of origin of the product and always destination of dreams of Italians Havaianas is a product that can be considered â€Å"true†: a long history, a great deal of continuity (the characteristics have remained largely unchanged over time) Natural materials and a process that has within it elements almost â€Å"craft† (examples of this are the molds made ? by hand) that make it meaningful and rich of story to tellMarketing Initiatives Havaianas Disco-Bus Twinsbros & Havaianas Surf Team Website Website At the heart of our proposals for Havaianas there is the transformation of the current website in order to create a direct relationship with the consumer and a sense of membership Build a section dedicated to events and parties with a photogallery which shows all connected to the world of Havaianas and itsâ€Å"lifestyle† Websit e â€Å"Party on Havaianas. it† †¢ The user, in order to participate in various competitions, must enroll communicating his e-mail.This will allow the company to create a large agenda of contacts through which it can communicate the dates of events, promotions and news of any kind in order to create a direct line to the most loyal. For people registered, there will be a further advantage: will be sent by e-mail invitations for the various parties that will be printed and presented at the entrance for a chance to enter for free â€Å"Testimonial for Havaianas â€Å" †¢ The consumers will send their photos with the more strange use that they can make with their flip-flops.The most bizarre and original will be published on the site, with the possibility to be commented on by all users, and the winning photo will become the icon for the communication campaign of Havaianas in the following year â€Å"Twinsbros & Havaianas Surf Team† The TwinsBros Factory has its headquarters in Livorno(Italy) and is structured specifically for the production of high quality surfboards The first goal of the collaboration is to create a set of surfboards and material competition sponsored Havaianas The second one is sponsor a team of surfers who will turn Italy to participate the races of the Italian circuit Twinsbros & Havaianas Surf Team† Return in terms of visibility: †¢ Will be published a banner Havaianas. it on the homepage of the site twinsbros. net †¢ Will be published a banner of TB & Havaianas surf team on the two main Italian surf portals (surfdome. it & surftolive. com) †¢ Will be published articles accompanied by photographs on the same portals above and magazines like Surfer Magazine, SurfUP & SurfNews †¢ Strong visibility in the audience present at the competition with the distribution of gadgets Havaianas Disco-Bus† The project consists of a disco-bus which during the summer will turn to the most famous locatio ns of the italian summer nightlife (Riccione, Milano Marittima, Porto Cervo, etc. .. ) It will be deprived of the seats and designed with the logo â€Å"Havaianas† in and outside so as to produce a strong visual impact on the observer The atmosphere will be tipically brazilian with theme-parties, music, cocktails and various kinds of gadgets provided

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