Saturday, August 24, 2019

Beethoven- family Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Beethoven- family - Essay Example This placed a lot of pressure on Beethoven at the young age of 17 because he took it upon himself to look after his two younger brothers. Because there was little family income, Beethoven began playing viola in the court orchestra; this provided him with enough to take care of himself, his alcoholic father, and his two younger brothers. A few months after Beethoven left the family home to once again pursue his music career, he learned of his father’s death. Later on in his life, Beethoven’s younger brother, Carl, died from tuberculosis. Beethoven had contributed a great deal while Carl was ill. After his brother died, Beethoven attempted to gain custody of his nephew (Carl’s son), Karl, but Carl’s wife, Johanna, refused to allow Beethoven to do so. A long and bitter legal dispute followed, with Beethoven eventually granted sole custody. Beethoven was very controlling of Karl’s activities. Perhaps as a result of this treatment, Karl attempted suicide but did not succeed. After this, Karl recuperated under the care of his mother, and Beethoven had little contact with Karl until his death in March of

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