Friday, July 26, 2019

We Should Pull Our Troops from Afghanistan Research Paper

We Should Pull Our Troops from Afghanistan - Research Paper Example Taliban continue its encouragement to Afghanistan for preventing Western invasion. Many ethnic groups and political pressure groups strengthen their independence struggle against Western invasion. It is relevant to connect the issue of Afghanistan to Vietnam. David Halberstam and Daniel Joseph Singal obsesrve similar cases in Vietnam. As they comment; â€Å"Bright, sophisticated people traditional warriors they have never accepted the rule of the outsiders† (Halberstam & Singal 8). Even though U.S. troops continue their operations in Afghan regions, various terrorist groups and extremists including Al-Qaeda keep control in majority of the Afghan region. U.S administers are not react seriously towards the crisis which happened in Afghanistan. Similar attitude they had followed in Vietnam War. â€Å"In those days, American were not unaware of the difficulties ahead† (Halberstam & Singal 12) Therefore, U.S. Troops face severe problems in handling conflicts that emerged fro m the urban areas. Here one can feel withdrawal of U.S. troops is an essential one. Examining the existing social, religious and political scenario that laid in Afghanistan, one can see that the country has been rapidly destabilizing.

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