Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Refugees, Migration and the Need for the Emergence of an Appropriate Moral Vision

In this essay I impart talk about the problems that refugees and mass who migrate. I will typic solelyy focus on South Africa and its people and in addition I will be supporting my suggestion that a tonic moral vision has to demonstrate out by drawing on articles from sundry(a) sources. First it is imperative that we break a clear intellect of what a Refugee is. A Refugee by definition is a some ane who is outside their coun sift of origin or habitual residence because they waste suffered or fear persecution on account of race, religion, nationality (Wikpedia).Now in South Africa unmatchable could say that we argon staple eachy the Homeless Shelter of the Afri tail assembly continent because of the high number of refugees and migrants that mother to our shores annually. Local citizens however be furthermost from pleased about this function though. thither is obviously a fear that along with the refugees come an increase in crime, vocation demands and they feel as if the refugees are steeling opportunities from them etcetera This would be quite understandable if it were entirely true though.When refugees turn tail their home countries for mixed reasons, they do it with a hope, with a honest-to-god belief that they will institute a better life for not practiced themselves nevertheless for their families too. That to me sounds equal they carry with them a vision for a proper auberge, a vision that WE ALL should share. A rising moral vision has to be brought forth. Refugees are people too. They deserve a recover at a better life, a chance to make something more of themselves, it is a basic adult male right and we as worldly concern have to ensure that this is carried out.I come across a society where equal get at to services and opportunities should be given, irrespective of where youve been or come from. I think what we use up to understand from government is a screen of reshuffling of ideas and strategies. They need to rethink the anile ones and at the same time apparatus some new ones so refugees and migrants resembling can have a sportsman comparable shot at bettering their lives. The current situation is unacceptable and more than is al dashs verbalise about wanting to build a sincere and equal society but too little has been done up until this point.We need to see some empathy and understanding from the local communities towards our African brothers and sisters. How would we feel if we were in their position? What would we do if we were exiled or had to flee for our lives? We as a people, as human beings need to show compassion towards one another and not be the front to judge and point fingers. Refugees leave one hostile environment merely to fall upon another when they ordertle down here. It inescapably to be understood that these refugees and particularly migrants sum to the economic growth and human development.As an added incentive they also enrich societies finished heathen dive rsity, which helps create empathy and understanding amongst the communities. In a way migration helps some to realize their basic human rights. For example there is a group of Pakistani barbers in my area, they make an honest living cutting hair, they deliver rent and taxes just like every(prenominal) other South African and they are the nicest people you will ever meet. Their only intention in this country is to make enough money to send pricker to their poorer family members back home.Migrants can oftentimes be found doing the hard strenuous and often dangerous labor that the locals often try and avoid. Fact of the matter is that these migrants and refugees work much harder than the local citizens who blame apartheid for everything and expect everything to be handed to them as a payoff of it. We as a society, as humans need to catch a stir up up. Rome wasnt built in a day yes, but sure as shooting we can do something to change our engage of thought towards this particular situation. Our sense of benevolence needs to be EXPANDED.For some, migration is a confirming and empowering experience, but for many they only demonstrate a life of discrimination, exploitation and as yet human rights violations. In order for this new moral vision for a good society to succeed the government and its citizens have to make promoting and protecting the human rights of all migrants one of its priorities. Governments have obligations to ensure that xenophobic violence, racism and related intolerance against migrants and their communities have no place in their societies (Navi Pillay) The way forward as I see it is to include these Migrants and refugees in elevant national achieve plans and strategies, like housing implementation and measures to misdirect discriminatory and unfair treatment like xenophobia. Special committees and unions should also be set up specifically for migrant, migrant workers and refugees. Migration can be managed and tolerated by all whilst respecting human rights laws, ensuring a peaceful and better society for all. In conclusion I would like to end off with the statement that, all human beings are born set down and equal in dignity and rights, and that everyone is authorise to all the rights and freedoms set forth therein, without note of hand of any kind.And therefore it is only through ourselves that we can make the necessary changes to successfully implement the new vision(s) of a good society. Bibliography 1) Wikipedia http//en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Refugee 2) High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay http//www. ohchr. org/EN/Issues/Migration/Pages/MigrationAndHumanRightsIndex. aspx 3) Conradie, E. M. (2006). Chapter 2 Pp. 19. In Morality as a Way of Life An Introduction to honourable Theory. Stellenbosch SUN PreSS.

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