Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Reality television Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Reality television - Essay Example This has created two different audience that watch shows on televisions. We have one with high intellectual appeal, and the other one with low intellectual appeal. With these two groups, Scripted Television Shows and unscripted Television Shows are created to make each group with the shows they watch. With Scripted shows, shows are penned script handed to performer only to perform according to the commands of the show-runner or the director. This is different with the unscripted shows that are broadcasted with the news reporters improvising the information to make it more appealing over the scripted one. Shows like Survivor, American Idol and Real housewives of New Jersey can help us in expounding the argument. All of these shows are reality based shows, but their targeted audience differs. For the Survivor, the audience is a group of people that have an adventurous, out-going and a courageous state of mind. For the American idol, the demographic market is varied with mixed audience watching this program. College students, high school kids, sub-urban housewives and teenage girls have their share in making American idol a success. The Real Housewives of New Jersey are kind of shows that appeals to both sub-urban and rural house wives by incorporating issues such as gossips, divorce and infidelity as their character (Neil 1). The 2nd biggest media industry in the world is India. In terms of revenue, it is the chief competitor to the Hollywood. In 2003, India had the first performance of its first reality television series Roadies. The ground of the show was to bring contestants from all over India together. Sixteen contestants from the four cities were selected in the audition for the journey in all over India. In the journey, they were to perform one contestant to be eliminated from each round. The premise of the show was essentially an Indian version of the American hit series â€Å"Survivor†, but the

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