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Animal Rights Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Animal Rights - Research Paper ExampleIn applied research with direct clinical applications in sentient beings and kind-hearteds. Animals are used in psychological research because they assist in the better understanding of serviceman psychological characteristics which include remembering things and the changes seen in periods of strain. This research has assisted in the understanding of psychopathological conditions which include schizophrenia and depressive disorders as well as the assessment of the untoward effects of medications used in the treatment of psychological conditions. It is for these reasons that the role of ethics has come into play. Many argue that puppets should have their rights and they should not be used for experimental and research purposes (Plous 1996 Smith 2010). otherwise than that animals are also being slaughtered and killed because of which their habitat is being endangered. This essay would further revolve around animal rights and prove as to why i s it important to bear upon animal rights these days. Significance History In the seventeenth century a common notion was held against the acts of animals which were considered to be unethical and dangerous. However gradually the rights of animals have been accepted such that some states even look forward to extend the rights of liberty and life to them (Kadri 2006). It has been seen that strict measures have been taken to measure the violence against animals by many animal rights organizations. The argument of animal rights Previously animals did not have many rights but over time organizations have been created to argue for the rights of animals. The case of animal rights lies in the fact that the animals can breathe just like the human beings. The proponents of animal rights believe that there is no such difference between human beings and animals and two of them should be treated equally. In accordance to biology human beings and mammals have almost the same characteristics. Both of them have a conscious perception just about the surroundings and can make choices in accordance to their will. Human beings do not like certain things over others and same is the case with animals and this should be esteem in terms of animal equality. On the other hand the opponents of animal rights believe that these animals do not have a right similar to that of human beings. According to them the animals do not have conscious perception about the things that they are doing. According to the famous philosopher Rene Descartes animals were merely robots acting in a change manner. At certain instances religion is also brought by these opponents to argue the case against animal rights. St Augustine stated that by a most just ordinance of the Creator, both their animals life and their death are subject to our use. The opponents also put forward that animals do not have a sense of morality similar to that of human beings. These opponents argue that because of their immoral ac ts the animals should also not be tolerated in the society (BBC 2011). Animal Cruelty Although animal rights have been promoted in the society it is still seen that animal scratchiness figures are on the rise. Between the years of 2003 and 2004 it was found that more than 100000 complaints were made against the cruelty of animals (BBC News 2004). Moreover in 2010 it was found that the complaints against animal cruelty rose by around 10%. Animal cruelty has been discouraged to a great extent in many states and the consequences of animal cruelty have been severed to the extent

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