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forbidding was a period in which the sale, manufacture, or transport of alcoholic beverageic beverages became illegal. It started January 16, 1919 and continued to December 5, 193. Although it was formed to stop inebriation completely, it did not even come close. It created a large number of bootleggers who were open to supply the public with illegal alcohol. Many of these bootleggers became very rich and powerful through selling alcohol and using other methods. They started the practices of organized nuisance that are still used today. Thus, Prohibition led to the rapid gain of organized crime.The introduction of prohibition in 1919 created numerous opinions and issues in American society. Prohibition has been a long-standing issue in America, with groups promoting it since the late eighteenth century. The work grew tremendously during the nineteenth century. When the United States entered World War 1 in 1914, there was a shortage of grain due to the long demands to tend th e soldiers. Since grain is one of the major components in alcohol, the temperance movement right off had the war to fuel their fight. Thus, the war played a large voice in the introduction of Prohibition. During the net five years many states enacted their receive prohibition laws, and at long last, on December 16,1919, Amendment 18 went into effect. It states that, the manufacture, sale, or transportation of lift up liquors. For beverage purpose is hereby prohibited.(Constitution)The public reaction to the introduction of Prohibition was largely mixed. The temperance organizations were rejoiced. Over a century of work had finally paid off for them. The rest of the country, however, was less than pleased. Many saw it as a violation of their freedom, and others wanted to keep drinking. It did no take a long time before people began to protest.The public demand for alcohol led to a soaring business for bootleggers. When prohibition began, people immediately wanted a way to drink . Therefore, the profitable bootlegging business was born. forward Prohibition gangs existed, but had little influence. Now, they had gained tremendous power almost overnight. sell was easy some gangs even paid hundreds of poor immigrants to maintain stills in their apartments. Common citizens, once law abiding, now became criminals by making their have alcohol. However, this forced risks for those who made their own. The less fortunate Americans consumed homemade alcoholic beverages that were sometimes made with wood alcohol. In return, many died due to alcohol poisoning.

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