Monday, March 25, 2019

Equal Rights for All Essay -- Gay Marriage Homosexuality Essays

Equal Rights for All zippy marriage has al slipway been a subject of great controversy. Andrew Sullivan addresses this set off in his persuasive downk entitled Let Gays Marry. Sullivans essay appeared in Newsweek in June of 1996. Through his problem/solution structure of this essay, Sullivan uses rhetorical appeals to distort and persuade the sense of hearing to accept gay marriage as a natural part of life. Sullivan, an editor of The New Republic, similarly wrote Virtually commonplace An Argument about Homosexuality (26). Andrew Sullivan, who is openly gay himself, is a religious Catholic who has spent his life researching subjects involving the gay community. His articles are simply ways for him to show his feelings to the general public. His audience for Let Gays Marry is the general public, alone could be more specifically written for gays who are too scared to stand up for the rights for gays to marry. He may have written this essay to inform the public how gays feel about the issue of marriage, but also to encourage gays to stand up for their rights as Americans. Let Gays Marry is organise in a problem/solution format. Sullivan takes the issue of gays not cosmos able to legally marry and offers a solution to the people of America. He addresses the issue that gays are not treated the same as new(prenominal) Americans in the issue of marriage and proposes that same-sex marriages become legal in society to solve this problem (26). Sullivan also knows that Americans believe that having same sex marriages would be against religious values (26). He then explains that gays dont necessitate to change anyone elses beliefs, but simply want to live happily like other married couples in the United States (26). The in the end issue addres... ...rica changed (26). Marriage has come a long way within the last century and should continue to modernize along with the people of America. Andrew Sullivan uses many strategies to analyze to fully inform his audience of the rights of the gay community. Sullivan uses rhetorical appeals to persuade his audience to see his view of same-sex marriages. Sullivan successfully shows his side of the argument and confronts faults that others may see with his views. Using his problem/solution format, Sullivan resolves the problems that many Americans assume would accompany the legitimation of same-sex marriages. Through his essay, Sullivan hopes to show to the general public that legalizing gay marriage is a natural step that must be taken in rove to support the growth of America. Works CitedSullivan, Andrew. Let Gays Marry. Newsweek 3 June 1996 26.

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