Thursday, December 7, 2017

'Barbie-Q by Sandra Cisneros'

'In Sandra Cisneross Barbie-Q, a childs fascination of demerit Barbie dolls makes the bank clerk fill her own individualism by disposing the callers ideals of women. Barbie is the tall, skinny, blonde, fair-skinned, beautiful, successful, and childs play fictional font that every adolescent fille wants to be growing up. Barbie has a perfect body, the net wardrobe, and can recognize a high-toned life of fun. The narrator opens the short yarn by introducing the Barbies with which the devil girls be play. They be old and faint-hearted out, but the girls p arnts do non be in possession of enough specie to buy raw(a) ones. This is why the girls are so unrestrained to find around for sale at the flea market. Each of these Barbies has or so unique flaw due to a toy storage warehouse on Halsted street burning down. Cisneros expresses her humbug some night club and how we portray women to be perfect and materialistic, when in reality, we are non perfect and we as women each brook flaws. In Barbie-Q, Cisneros makes a critique near societys assumptions of gender roles, attendances of women, and expectations of women.\nIn the second paragraph, the girls reiterate societys gender roles in their play: every time the said(prenominal) story. Your Barbie is roommates with my Barbie, my Barbies boyfriend comes everyplace and your Barbie steals him, okay? (Cisneros 559). The non-existing pot doll is the generators counsel of accentuating her theme about societys assumptions of young womens interests in men and relationships. The author makes the young girls appear to be refer on the attachment and attention from boys. Cisneros makes it run that the two girls are younger, and young girls should not be sentiment about boys, they should be playing with dolls and playing dress up. The two girls are growing up as well fast and should not be fixated on the knowledge of boys.\nthroughout the short story, Cisneros shows that the girls Barbie dolls are flawed. She makes it known to the readers that these t... '

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