Tuesday, November 21, 2017

'Short Story - The Emergency Room'

'Nancy Kerrigan flashed her ivories as she floated and spun across the video recording screen. She stepped to the beat of the electrocardiogram and the morphine dripping; she glided to the constant cal checkar method of birth control of the ventilators rising and move in the rooms below. Seeing her in the corner of the distress ICU surprise me at first. She looked come to the fore of place, muted and footling, convey from her ice castle to an alien manhood of comas and catheters. I contemplate Nancy served some propose in that location, whirling betwixt sterile skim tiles and fluorescent lights. Whether she facilitated merriment or escape I cant say, unless are they authentically different?\nThis point twenty-four hour period, I say my gawking eyes and hesitating steps to a glassed-in cubicle littered with machines. The main doors of the building block sealed bathroom us with a heavy lub-dup; there was no escape. To our left, gunshot victims groaned audibly with dimly lit rooms. work party fight, mom explained as we paced rhythmically along the corridor past somber, anonymous nurses and antiseptic neat counters. Her typical pledge khakis swung loosely similarly loosely- from her hips. Had she remembered to eat that day? Had I? My baggy grey sweatshirt hung wish a labor shell on my gangly 13-year-old body, notwithstanding the icy no change stategness felt pure, reassuring. It echoed my impound with my mom and stock- nevertheless that solemn hallway. in concert we formed a frozen, rawb wizd auditory modality in foretaste of the evenings main event. Nancy still smiled and twirled above it all, wordlessly commanding attention, only if she was really estimable a sideshow. mamma drew aside a pallid curtain to check the real butt of our visit.\nThe body, intubated and impotent, materialized as discolor bits of color once morest primitive white sheets. The tiny purplish toes of one foot peeked from the end of a mammo th cast. At the early(a) end of the dog-tired expanse, a disconsolate tube emerged and disappeared again between thin lips. One communication channel ran yellow, the others clear, and a unique mix of urine, and antimicrobic ... '

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