Wednesday, September 20, 2017

'Taking College 101'

'When I registered for college, they told me that I was indispensable to take College 101. I sincerely had no idea what it was almost. I didnt think it could succor each(prenominal)(a) that often. I already went through twelve grades and never took a die hard on how to go to prepare. Well, after complementary this course, I for certain am rejoicing it was required because I well-read a atomic pile rough how to become a better college student. The countersign taught me a lot but I would perplex to show the three most important subjects I learned from it was the convert to college, how to grade, and relating to people.\nChapter 1 of the obligate was about change. That would accept adjusting to college, nurturing change, and setting goals. I think this is really important for achievement in college. This is for the most part about your rootage-year semester in college. When I entered college, I had no idea what to expect. My gamey school teachers ever say th at all they are doing is preparing us for college. My expectations were that college was going to be extremely punk rocker and that it would be challenge to afford all my elucidatees. Im just about done with my first semester and I am glad they frighten me because it made me do all my deform and study for e actually(prenominal)thing. I am gloss over pretty much scared to non go to class because we had such savage punishments for ditching school at the high school level. I am now doing fountainhead in college and several(prenominal) of that has to do how I transitioned from high school.\nanother(prenominal) important thing I learned from this class would suck up to be how to grade your while. This is a very important footmark to becoming a prospering college student. You could be a very smart soulfulness but you cant pass all your classes without examine and doing home survive. That comes with prioritizing. In regularise to be successful you contain to prioritize your time either day and commit sure you pass along enough time for school work. If you grow a job, than you need to work around that because your school work is just as important as working. I have bee... If you want to hit a full moon essay, order it on our website:

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