Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Female Muslims in France and the Niqab

I am concerned for the warrantor of our large Nation; not so much because of any nemesis from without, but because of the insidious forces working from within. - General Douglas MacArthur\n\nAlthough General MacArthurs reiterate was spoken in answer to a shaken the States during WWII, those words are shut up relevant today. France, among many another(prenominal) countries, is serious phase of the moon of diversity and traditions; incorporating several multicultural aspects from food to fashion. The niqab, is one of the many embodiments of clothing worn by many Muslim women who plump in France. It is a full length garment that conceals the inbuilt body except for the eyes. In recent years, attire such(prenominal) as the niqab is being set as an inappropriate, and now flagitious, anatomy of public clothing. The ban in France justly forbids the niqab in recite to enhance safety, freedom and compare in French society.\n bandage some argue that France is faulting laws, conversely, it seeks to prevent law interruption and increase safety measures. inhibition all women in France from tiring the niqab, or any form of the veil that covers the face, sparked outrage even so the ban features a comprehend of morality. In 2006, CBC intelligence agency reports of a man cleanup and wounding Afghan soldiers with an volatile hidden underneath his niqab. A few months later, the Toronto Star reports of a jewelry robbery where ii people, one wearing away a niqab, held the store owner at gun point. The niqab conceals its wearer completely and acts as a haven and a form of disguise for criminals. speckle there are security cameras and witlessness present at the shaft of some crimes, a niqab wearing perpetrator is nearly out(predicate) to identify. In 2012, a pose eight student, with the use of a niqab, managed to purchase alcohol at an LCBO. This stunt, performed by the Sun watchword Network, reveals one of the multiple illegal uses of the niqab. See ing as how these countries fall behind from within, France is simply taking a precaution to provide a safe environment for ...

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