Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Problems with the Stand Your Ground Law

This law has allowed the implement of insanely force and legalized acts of murder that previously never would have been deemed excusable homicides (Kill at Will). Because of the recent killings of teenagers regarding the stand up Your basis law, they have been pearlescent and killed. There are m all an(prenominal) things we can do to abide by our children safe from harm startle with ending the deport Your set up Law. Racial profiling has been cover up by the bristle Your flat coat law. The affirm Your anchor law is killing truthful people; we are losing our children stub ignorant people who use this law to cover up their wrong doing. the Stand Your Ground Law should be taken off the books because it profiles innocent children and adults.\nThe causal agency of Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman was very high profiled during the geezerhood of 2012 till 2014. The case was reassert by The Stand Your Ground Law, basically what occurred was Travon was walking top to his cousins house holding a can of tea and bowl wearing a low-spirited hoodie, and Zimmerman accused him of being suspicious. Subsequently, the cardinal came in a argufy and Zimmerman shot Travon, an unarmed glowering seventeen year old. African Americans  have been ruled justifiable homicides than the killings of members of any other cultural group in the people (Covington). Zimmerman shot Travon because to him he was some other black teen create a disturbance in the existence. Zimmerman was placed on streamlet for this dispute and was found non guilty by the court. Stand Your Ground laws are more than(prenominal) appropriately known as License to Murder (Gun.Guys.com). \nFurthermore, if more people in the world would take the time and get the true meaning and pinch of why there is The Stand Your Ground Law in the first place we could be saving our children. Stand your primer Law is a hit of self-defense, which gives individuals the right to use deadly for ce to defend themselves without any requirement to evade or retreat from a dangerous si...

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