Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Appendix E Math 117

Associate Level Material Appendix E Radicals screening Practice Answer the interest questions. Use Equation editor to write mathematical expressions and comparabilitys. start, present this file to your hard drudge by selecting Save As from the File menu. Click the neat space below each(prenominal) question to maintain proper formatting. touch modality: Pay assistance to the units of measure. You may have to convert from feet to mls some(prenominal) times in this assignment. You can use 1 mile = 5,280 feet for your conversions. Many hatful k immediately that the urge ont of an pattern varies on different planets, precisely did you know that the weight of an run on Earth overly varies according to the elevation of the target area? In particular, the weight of an object follows this equating:[pic], where C is a constant, and r is the distance that the object is from the refer of Earth. Solve the equation [pic]for r. wr^-2=c. I and so had to water parting by W on both so now it is r^-2=c/w. Now the square root of c/w=r Suppose that an object is 100 pounds when it is at sea level. surface the value of C that makes the equation true. (Sea level is 3,963 miles from the center of the Earth.) I nagged in the numbers where they go and then multiply and the answer is C=1,570,536,900 Use the value of C you open in the previous question to determine how much(prenominal) the object would weigh in Death Valley (282 feet below sea level). First multiply 3963 * 5280 which equals 20,924,640. Next, w=1570536900(20924640 282)^-2. Now subtract 20924640-282 and that is (20924358). So the equation now looks like W=1570536900(20924358)^-2. This shows that W=100.0018 approximately. the vizor of gain McKinley (20,320 feet above sea level). The equation looks like r=3963+20320/5280 plug in the 1,570,536,900 into the equation so now its W=1,570,536,900/(3963+20320/5280)^2. at one time I worked out this problem f ollowing the rules of trading trading oper! ations now have the answer of W=99.806 pounds. The equation [pic]gives the distance, D,...If you esteem to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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