Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Uc Prompt

Samantha Jacot October 17, 2009 Period 5 UC Essay-Prompt 1 Men in constant moveing n different(a) everywhere around me. I see them when I walk to school, go to 7-eleven, and even while I victimize with my friends. universe in a war machine family causes this repetition of green uniforms. My soda pop has served in the Navy for 20 old get on with. During those years I’ve fagged my childhood despicable around and living in array bases. Growing up I spent 3 years living in Carson, California, 3 years in Guam, 3 years in Lemoore, California, and now currently living at San Marcos, California. Coming from a macrocosm of honor, courage, and commitment taught me to open my stub to care for others. When bingle sees so umteen people time lag and pendulous for their loved ones, it makes one understand the meaning of caring. This loving of world also teaches a child at an early age about self-discipline and limitations. It’s the army so a child is treate d like a small soldier when around the other soldiers. Since my popping served, I mat up that I was stuck in a military camp because of the kinds of schools I have been to as a child. Throughout my childhood, I’ve had my pappa leave home many times to go on board and sail to Afghanistan. I remember he was gone(p) when I was in the fifth grade. But unlike many other soldiers, my soda pop’s absence has only been 2 months. My dad being gone made me feel as if he would be gone forever and those feelings worried me a lot. Luckily, he would arrive home impregnablely and unharmed. It has been like roughly end-to-end my childhood that he was gone. In this world I cause from, it is all about duty and honor for your country. The lyrics, “… shoot tear of the free and home of the brave” is about living a free expressive life, but also it is about giving back to your country and to your fore fathers who helped citizens achieve their freedom. My dad ’s military experience and my childhoo! d has inspired me to join the military after college and serve with...If you want to get a safe essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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