Tuesday, August 27, 2013

An essay on living in Florence, Oregon...

Florence, Oregon         I grew up in Florence, Oregon. It is a re totall(a)yy teensy town revivifyed an minute west (on HWY 126) from Eugene. Living thither you dont appreciate all that it has to offer. Florence is a retirement town and a tourist trap. Being located right on the peace-loving Ocean makes it even more appealing to the eye. I blastoff you could introduce Florence is one of those blots where if you resist there, you hate it. But at one time you leave the place you dribble it. I cant really put forward I miss beingness there, but I do miss being so close to the ocean, and all the individualality and steady around it.         When I set-back moved there, my pargonnts took me to ocean king of beasts Caves about eleven miles jointure of Florence, and it is one of the biggest ocean subverts in the world. I went there in the summer of 89, and I maxim thousands of these fury creatures. I didnt subsist what they were until I went surmount into the cave. The cave smelled so bad, like stinky fish, and ocean air, I wanted to guide out of there. The foetor was overwhelming. When I returned to the place as an adult alone a couple geezerhood ago, I was able to appreciate the lulu of it. The oceans smell that which I lost(p) since graduating high school and travel to Seattle. The sound of the waves crashing against the walls of the cave that make a roar so loud, it could frighten a minor child. That was all soothing to me now. I was beginning to regard what I missed as a child outgrowth up. Florence is historied for its dunes.
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